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Idolatry is abolished; and provisions made for the ministers.

[1] And when these things had been duly celebrated, all Israel that were found in the cities of Juda, went out, and they broke the idols, and cut down the groves. demolished the high places, and destroyed the altars, not only out of all Juda and Benjamin, but out of Ephraim also and Manasses, till they had utterly destroyed them: then all the children of Israel returned to their possessions and cities.
Cumque haec fuissent rite celebrata, egressus est omnis Israel, qui inventus fuerat in urbibus Juda, et fregerunt simulacra, succideruntque lucos, demoliti sunt excelsa, et altaria destruxerunt, non solum de universo Juda et Benjamin, sed et de Ephraim quoque et Manasse, donec penitus everterent : reversique sunt omnes filii Israel in possessiones et civitates suas.

[2] And Ezechias appointed companies of the priests, and the Levites, by their courses, every man in his own office, to wit, both of the priests, and of the Levites, for holocausts, and for peace offerings, to minister, and to praise, and to sing in the gates of the camp of the Lord.
Ezechias autem constituit turmas sacerdotales et Leviticas per divisiones suas, unumquemque in officio proprio, tam sacerdotum videlicet quam Levitarum, ad holocausta et pacifica, ut ministrarent et confiterentur, canerentque in portis castrorum Domini.

[3] And the king's part was, that of his proper substance the holocaust should be offered always morning and evening, and on the sabbaths, and the new moons and the other solemnities, as it is written in the law of Moses.
Pars autem regis erat, ut de propria ejus substantia offerretur holocaustum, mane semper et vespere. Sabbatis quoque, et calendis, et solemnitatibus ceteris, sicut scriptum est in lege Moysi.

[4] He commanded also the people that dwelt in Jerusalem, to give to the priests, and the Levites their portion, that they might attend to the law of the Lord.
Praecepit etiam populo habitantium Jerusalem ut darent partes sacerdotibus et Levitis, ut possent vacare legi Domini.

[5] Which when it was noised abroad in the ears of the people, the children of Israel offered in abundance the firstfruits of corn, wine, and oil, and honey: and brought the tithe of all things which the ground bringeth forth.
Quod cum percrebruisset in auribus multitudinis, plurimas obtulere primitias filii Israel frumenti, vini, et olei : mellis quoque, et omnium, quae gignit humus, decimas obtulerunt.

[6] Moreover the children of Israel and Juda, that dwelt in the cities of Juda, brought in the tithes of oxen, and sheep, and the tithes of holy things, which they had vowed to the Lord their God: and carrying them all, made many heaps.
Sed et filii Israel et Juda, qui habitabant in urbibus Juda, obtulerunt decimas boum et ovium, decimasque sanctorum, quae voverant Domino Deo suo : atque universa portantes, fecerunt acervos plurimos.

[7] In the third month they began to lay the foundations of the heaps, and in the seventh month, they finished them.
Mense tertio coeperunt acervorum jacere fundamenta, et mense septimo compleverunt eos.

[8] And when Ezechias and his princes came in, they saw the heaps, and they blessed the Lord and the people of Israel.
Cumque ingressi fuissent Ezechias et principes ejus, viderunt acervos, et benedixerunt Domino ac populo Israel.

[9] And Ezechias asked the priests and the Levites, why the heaps lay so.
Interrogavitque Ezechias sacerdotes et Levitas, cur ita jacerent acervi.

[10] Azarias the chief priest of the race of Sadoc answered him, saying: Since the firstfruits began to be offered in the house of the Lord, we have eaten, and have been filled, and abundance is left, because the Lord hath blessed his people: and of that which is left is this great store which thou seest.
Respondit illi Azarias sacerdos primus de stirpe Sadoc, dicens : Ex quo coeperunt offerri primitiae in domo Domini, comedimus, et saturati sumus, et remanserunt plurima, eo quod benedixerit Dominus populo suo : reliquarum autem copia est ista, quam cernis.

[11] Then Ezechias commanded to prepare storehouses in the house of the Lord. And when they had done so,
Praecepit igitur Ezechias, ut praepararent horrea in domo Domini. Quod cum fecissent,

[12] They brought in faithfully both the firstfruits, and the tithes, and all they had vowed. And the overseer of them was Chonenias the Levite, and Semei his brother was the second,
intulerunt tam primitias, quam decimas, et quaecumque voverant, fideliter. Fuit autem praefectus eorum Chonenias Levita, et Semei frater ejus, secundus,

[13] And after him Jehiel, and Azarias, and Nahath, and Asael, and Jerimoth, and Jozabad, and Eliel, and Jesmachias, and Mahath, and Banaias, overseers under the hand of Chonenias, and Semei his brother, by the commandment of Ezechias the king, and Azarias the high priest of the house of God, to whom all things appertained.
post quem Jahiel, et Azarias, et Nahath, et Asael, et Jerimoth, Jozabad quoque, et Eliel, et Jesmachias, et Mahath, et Banaias, praepositi sub manibus Choneniae, et Semei fratris ejus, ex imperio Ezechiae regis et Azariae pontificis domus Dei, ad quos omnia pertinebant.

[14] But Core the son of Jemna the Levite, the porter of the east gate, was overseer of the things which were freely offered to the Lord, and of the firstfruits and the things dedicated for the holy of holies.
Core vero filius Jemna Levites et janitor orientalis portae, praepositus erat iis, quae sponte offerebantur Domino, primitiisque et consecratis in Sancta sanctorum.

[15] And under his charge were Eden, and Benjamin, Jesue, and Semeias, and Amarias, and Sechenias, in the cities of the priests, to distribute faithfully portions to their brethren, both little and great:
Et sub cura ejus Eden, et Benjamin, Jesue, et Semeias, Amarias quoque, et Sechenias in civitatibus sacerdotum ut fideliter distribuerent fratribus suis partes, minoribus atque majoribus :

[16] Besides the males from three years old and upward, to all that went into the temple of the Lord, and whatsoever there was need of in the ministry, and their offices according to their courses, day by day.
exceptis maribus ab annis tribus et supra, cunctis qui ingrediebantur templum Domini, et quidquid per singulos dies conducebat in ministerio, atque observationibus juxta divisiones suas,

[17] To the priests by their families, and to the Levites from the twentieth year and upward, by their classes and companies.
sacerdotibus per familias, et Levitis a vigesimo anno et supra, per ordines et turmas suas,

[18] And to all the multitude, both to their wives, and to their children of both sexes, victuals were given faithfully out of the things that had been sanctified.
universaeque multitudini tam uxoribus, quam liberis eorum utriusque sexus, fideliter cibi de his quae sanctificata fuerant, praebebantur.

[19] Also of the sons of Aaron who were in the fields and in the suburbs of each city, there were men appointed, to distribute portions to all the males, among the priests and the Levites.
Sed et filiorum Aaron per agros, et suburbana urbium singularum, dispositi erant viri, qui partes distribuerent universo sexui masculino de sacerdotibus et Levitis.

[20] So Ezechias did all things, which we have said in all Juda, and wrought that which was good; and right, and truth, before the Lord his God,
Fecit ergo Ezechias universa quae diximus in omni Juda : operatusque est bonum et rectum, et verum coram Domino Deo suo,

[21] In all the service of the ministry of the house of the Lord according to the law and the ceremonies, desiring to seek his God with all his heart, and he did it and prospered,
in universa cultura ministerii domus Domini, juxta legem et caeremonias, volens requirere Deum suum in toto corde suo : fecitque et prosperatus est.

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