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The plan and ornaments of the temple: the cherubims, the veil, and the pillars.

[1] And Solomon began to build the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, in mount Moria, which had been shewn to David his father, in the place which David had prepared in the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.
Et coepit Salomon aedificare domum Domini in Jerusalem in monte Moria, qui demonstratus fuerat David patri ejus, in loco, quem paraverat David in area Ornan Jebusaei.

[2] And he began to build in the second month, in the fourth year of his reign.
Coepit autem aedificare mense secundo, anno quarto regni sui.

[3] Now these are the foundations, which Solomon laid, to build the house of God, the length by the first measure sixty cubits, the breadth twenty cubits.
Et haec sunt fundamenta, quae jecit Salomon, ut aedificaret domum Dei : longitudinis cubitos in mensura prima sexaginta, latitudinis cubitos viginti.

[4] And the porch in the front, which was extended in length according to the measure of the breadth of the house, twenty cubits: and the height was a hundred and twenty cubits: and he overlaid it within with pure gold.
Porticum vero ante frontem, quae tendebatur in longum juxta mensuram latitudinis domus, cubitorum viginti : porro altitudo centum viginti cubitorum erat : et deauravit eam intrinsecus auro mundissimo.

[5] And the greater house he ceiled with deal boards, and overlaid them with plates of fine gold throughout: and he graved in them palm trees, and like little chains interlaced with one another.
Domum quoque majorem texit tabulis ligneis abiegnis, et laminas auri obrizi affixit per totum : sculpsitque in ea palmas, et quasi catenulas se invicem complectentes.

[6] He paved also the floor of the temple with most precious marble, of great beauty.
Stravit quoque pavimentum templi pretiosissimo marmore, decore multo.

[7] And the gold of the plates with which he overlaid the house, and the beams thereof, and the posts, and the walls, and the doors was of the finest: and he graved cherubims on the walls.
Porro aurum erat probatissimum, de cujus laminis texit domum, et trabes ejus, et postes, et parietes, et ostia : et caelavit cherubim in parietibus.

[8] He made also the house of the holy of holies: the length of it according to the breadth of the temple, twenty cubits, and the breadth of it in like manner twenty cubits: and he overlaid it with plates of gold, amounting to about six hundred talents.
Fecit quoque domum Sancti sanctorum : longitudinem juxta latitudinem domus cubitorum viginti : et latitudinem similiter viginti cubitorum : et laminis aureis texit eam, quasi talentis sexcentis.

[9] He made also nails of gold, and the weight of every nail was fifty sicles: the upper chambers also he overlaid with gold.
Sed et clavos fecit aureos, ita ut singuli clavi siclos quinquagenos appenderent : coenacula quoque texit auro.

[10] He made also in the house of the holy of holies two cherubims of image work: and he overlaid them with gold.
Fecit etiam in domo Sancti sanctorum cherubim duos, opere statuario : et texit eos auro.

[11] The wings of the cherubims were extended twenty cubits, so that one wing was five cubits long, and reached to the wall of the house: and the other was also five cubits long, and reached to the wing of the other cherub.
Alae cherubim viginti cubitis extendebantur, ita ut una ala haberet cubitos quinque et tangeret parietem domus : et altera quinque cubitos habens, alam tangeret alterius cherub.

[12] In like manner the wing of the other cherub, was five cubits long, and reached to the wall: and his other wing was five cubits long, and touched the wing of the other cherub.
Similiter cherub alterius ala, quinque habebat cubitos, et tangebat parietem : et ala ejus altera quinque cubitorum, alam cherub alterius contingebat.

[13] So the wings of the two cherubims were spread forth, and were extended twenty cubits: and they stood upright on their feet, and their faces were turned toward the house without.
Igitur alae utriusque cherubim expansae erant et extendebantur per cubitos viginti : ipsi autem stabant erectis pedibus, et facies eorum erant versae ad exteriorem domum.

[14] He made also a veil of violet, purple, scarlet, and silk: and wrought in it cherubims.
Fecit quoque velum ex hyacintho, purpura, cocco, et bysso : et intexuit ei cherubim.

[15] He made also before the doors of the temple two pillars, which were five and thirty cubits high: and their chapiters were five cubits.
Ante fores etiam templi duas columnas, quae triginta et quinque cubitos habebant altitudinis : porro capita earum, quinque cubitorum.

[16] He made also as it were little chains in the oracle, and he put them on the heads of the pillars: and a hundred pomegranates, which he put between the little chains.
Necnon et quasi catenulas in oraculo, et superposuit eas capitibus columnarum : malogranata etiam centum, quae catenulis interposuit.

[17] These pillars he put at the entrance of the temple, one on the right hand, and the other on the left: that which was on the right hand, he called Jachin: and that on the left hand, Boot.
Ipsas quoque columnas posuit in vestibulo templi, unam a dextris, et alteram a sinistris : eam, quae a dextris erat, vocavit Jachin : et quae ad laevam, Booz.

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