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The Christian must die to sin and live to God.

 1 What shall we say, then? shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?
Quid ergo dicemus? permanebimus in peccato ut gratia abundet?

 2 God forbid. For we that are dead to sin, how shall we live any longer therein?
Absit. Qui enim mortui sumus peccato, quomodo adhuc vivemus in illo?

 3 Know you not that all we, who are baptized in Christ Jesus, are baptized in his death?
an ignoratis quia quicumque baptizati sumus in Christo Jesu, in morte ipsius baptizati sumus?

 4 For we are buried together with him by baptism into death; that as Christ is risen from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we also may walk in newness of life.
Consepulti enim sumus cum illo per baptismum in mortem : ut quomodo Christus surrexit a mortuis per gloriam Patris, ita et nos in novitate vitae ambulemus.

 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection.
Si enim complantati facti sumus similitudini mortis ejus : simul et resurrectionis erimus.

 6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin may be destroyed, to the end that we may serve sin no longer.
Hoc scientes, quia vetus homo noster simul crucifixus est, ut destruatur corpus peccati, et ultra non serviamus peccato.

 7 For he that is dead is justified from sin.
Qui enim mortuus est, justificatus est a peccato.

 8 Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall live also together with Christ:
Si autem mortui sumus cum Christo, credimus quia simul etiam vivemus cum Christo,

 9 Knowing that Christ rising again from the dead, dieth now no more, death shall no more have dominion over him.
scientes quod Christus resurgens ex mortuis jam non moritur : mors illi ultra non dominabitur.

 10 For in that he died to sin, he died once; but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God:
Quod enim mortuus est peccato, mortuus est semel : quod autem vivit, vivit Deo.

 11 So do you also reckon, that you are dead to sin, but alive unto God, in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Ita et vos existimate vos mortuos quidem esse peccato, viventes autem Deo, in Christo Jesu Domino nostro.

 12 Let no sin therefore reign in your mortal body, so as to obey the lusts thereof.
Non ergo regnet peccatum in vestro mortali corpore ut obediatis concupiscentiis ejus.

 13 Neither yield ye your members as instruments of iniquity unto sin; but present yourselves to God, as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of justice unto God.
Sed neque exhibeatis membra vestra arma iniquitatis peccato : sed exhibete vos Deo, tamquam ex mortuis viventes : et membra vestra arma justitiae Deo.

 14 For sin shall not have dominion over you; for you are not under the law, but under grace.
Peccatum enim vobis non dominabitur : non enim sub lege estis, sed sub gratia.

 15 What then? Shall we sin, because we are not under the law, but under grace? God forbid.
Quid ergo? peccabimus, quoniam non sumus sub lege, sed sub gratia? Absit.

 16 Know you not, that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants you are whom you obey, whether it be of sin unto death, or of obedience unto justice.
Nescitis quoniam cui exhibetis vos servos ad obediendum, servi estis ejus, cui obeditis, sive peccati ad mortem, sive obeditionis ad justitiam?

 17 But thanks be to God, that you were the servants of sin, but have obeyed from the heart, unto that form of doctrine, into which you have been delivered.
Gratias autem Deo quod fuistis servi peccati, obedistis autem ex corde in eam formam doctrinae, in quam traditi estis.

 18 Being then freed from sin, we have been made servants of justice.
Liberati autem a peccato, servi facti estis justitiae.

 19 I speak an human thing, because of the infirmity of your flesh. For as you have yielded your members to serve uncleanness and iniquity, unto iniquity; so now yield your members to serve justice, unto sanctification.
Humanum dico, propter infirmitatem carnis vestrae : sicut enim exhibuistis membra vestra servire immunditiae, et iniquitati ad iniquitatem, ita nunc exhibete membra vestra servire justitiae in santificationem.

 20 For when you were the servants of sin, you were free men to justice.
Cum enim servi essetis peccati, liberi fuistis justitiae.

 21 What fruit therefore had you then in those things, of which you are now ashamed? For the end of them is death.
Quem ergo fructum habuistis tunc in illis, in quibus nunc erubescitis? nam finis illorum mors est.

 22 But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, you have your fruit unto sanctification, and the end life everlasting.
Nunc vero liberati a peccato, servi autem facti Deo, habetis fructum vestrum in santificationem, finem vero vitam aeternam.

 23 For the wages of sin is death. But the grace of God, life everlasting, in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Stipendia enim peccati, mors. Gratia autem Dei, vita aeterna, in Christo Jesu Domino nostro.

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