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Antiochus son of Demetrius honours Simon. The Romans write to divers nations in favour of the Jews. Antiochus quarrels with Simon, and sends troops to annoy him.

 1 And king Antiochus the son of Demetrius sent letters from the isles of the sea to Simon the priest, and prince of the nation of the Jews, and to all the people:
Et misit rex Antiochus filius Demetrii epistolas ab insulis maris Simoni sacerdoti, et principi gentis Judaeorum, et universae genti :

 2 And the contents were these: King Antiochus to Simon the high priest, and to the nation of the Jews, greeting.
et erant continentes hunc modum : Rex Antiochus Simoni sacerdoti magno, et genti Judaeorum salutem.

 3 Forasmuch as certain pestilent men have usurped the kingdom of our fathers, and my purpose is to challenge the kingdom, and to restore it to its former estate: and I have chosen a great army, and have built ships of war.
Quoniam quidem pestilentes obtinuerunt regnum patrum nostrorum, volo autem vendicare regnum, et restituere illud sicut erat antea : et electam feci multitudinem exercitus, et feci naves bellicas.

 4 And I design to go through the country that I may take revenge of them that have destroyed our country, and that have made many cities desolate in my realm.
Volo autem procedere per regionem ut ulciscar in eos, qui corruperunt regionem nostram, et qui desolaverunt civitates multas in regno meo.

 5 Now therefore I confirm unto thee all the oblations which all the kings before me remitted to thee, and what other gifts soever they remitted to thee:
Nunc ergo statuo tibi omnes oblationes, quas remiserunt tibi ante me omnes reges, et quaecumque alia dona remiserunt tibi :

 6 And I give thee leave to coin thy own money in thy country:
et permitto tibi facere percussuram proprii numismatis in regione tua :

 7 And let Jerusalem be holy and free, and all the armour that hath been made, and the fortresses which thou hast built, and which thou keepest in thy hands, let them remain to thee.
Jerusalem autem sanctam esse, et liberam : et omnia arma, quae fabricata sunt, et praesidia, quae construxisti, quae tenes, maneant tibi.

 8 And all that is due to the king, and what should be the king's hereafter, from this present and for ever, is forgiven thee.
Et omne debitum regis, et quae futura sunt regi, ex hoc et in totum tempus remittuntur tibi.

 9 And when we shall have recovered our kingdom, we will glorify thee, and thy nation, and the temple with great glory, so that your glory shall be made manifest in all the earth.
Cum autem obtinuerimus regnum nostrum, glorificabimus te, et gentem tuam, et templum, gloria magna, ita ut manifestetur gloria vestra in universa terra.

 10 In the year one hundred and seventy-four Antiochus entered into the land of his fathers, and all the forces assembled to him, so that few were left with Tryphon.
Anno centesimo septuagesimo quarto exiit Antiochus in terram patrum suorum, et convenerunt ad eum omnes exercitus, ita ut pauci relicti essent cum Tryphone.

 11 And king Antiochus pursued after him, and he fled along by the sea coast and came to Dora.
Et insecutus est eum Antiochus rex, et venit Doram fugiens per maritimam :

 12 For he perceived that evils were gathered together upon him, and his troops had forsaken him.
sciebat enim quod congregata sunt mala in eum, et reliquit eum exercitus :

 13 And Antiochus camped above Dora with a hundred and twenty thousand men of war, and eight thousand horsemen:
et applicuit Antiochus super Doram cum centum viginti millibus virorum belligeratorum, et octo millibus equitum :

 14 And he invested the city, and the ships drew near by sea: and they annoyed the city by land, and by sea, and suffered none to come in, or to go out.
et circuivit civitatem, et naves a mari accesserunt : et vexabant civitatem a terra et mari, et neminem sinebant ingredi vel egredi.

 15 And Numenius, and they that had been with him, came from the city of Rome, having letters written to the kings, and countries, the contents whereof were these:
Venit autem Numenius, et qui cum eo fuerant, ab urbe Roma, habentes epistolas regibus et regionibus scriptas, in quibus continebantur haec :

 16 Lucius the consul of the Romans, to king Ptolemee, greeting.
Lucius consul Romanorum, Ptolemaeo regi salutem.

 17 The ambassadors of the Jews our friends came to us, to renew the former friendship and alliance, being sent from Simon the high priest, and the people of the Jews.
Legati Judaeorum venerunt ad nos amici nostri, renovantes pristinam amicitiam et societatem, missi a Simone principe sacerdotum et populo Judaeorum.

 18 And they brought also a shield of gold of a thousand pounds.
Attulerunt autem et clypeum aureum mnarum mille.

 19 It hath seemed good therefore to us to write to the kings, and countries, that they should do them no harm, nor fight against them, their cities, or countries: and that they should give no aid to them that fight against them.
Placuit itaque nobis scribere regibus et regionibus, ut non inferant illis mala, neque impugnent eos, et civitates eorum, et regiones eorum : et ut non ferant auxilium pugnantibus adversus eos.

 20 And it hath seemed good to us to receive the shield of them.
Visum autem est nobis accipere ab eis clypeum.

 21 If therefore any pestilent men are fled out of their country to you, deliver them to Simon the high priest, that he may punish them according to their law.
Si qui ergo pestilentes refugerunt de regione ipsorum ad vos, tradite eos Simoni principi sacerdotum, ut vindicet in eos secundum legem suam.

 22 These same things were written to king Demetrius, and to Attalus, and to Ariarathes, and to Arsaces,
Haec eadem scripta sunt Demetrio regi, et Attalo, et Ariarathi, et Arsaci,

 23 And to all the countries; and to Lampsacus, and to the Spartans, and to Delus, and Myndus, and Sicyon, and Caria, and Samus, and Pamphylia, and Lycia, and Alicarnassus, and Cos, and Side, and Aradus, and Rhodes, and Phaselis, and Gortyna, and Gnidus, and Cyprus, and Cyrene.
et in omnes regiones : et Lampsaco, et Spartiatis, et in Delum, et in Myndum, et in Sicyonem, et in Cariam, et in Samum, et in Pamphyliam, et in Lyciam, et in Alicarnassum, et in Coo, et in Siden, et in Aradon, et in Rhodum, et in Phaselidem, et in Gortynam, et Gnidum, et Cyprum, et Cyrenen.

 24 And they wrote a copy thereof to Simon the high priest, and to the people of the Jews.
Exemplum autem eorum scripserunt Simoni principi sacerdotum, et populo Judaeorum.

 25 But king Antiochus moved his camp to Dora the second time, assaulting it continually, and making engines: and shut up Tryphon, that he could not go out.
Antiochus autem rex applicuit castra in Doram secundo, admovens ei semper manus, et machinas faciens : et conclusit Tryphonem, ne procederet :

 26 And Simon sent to him two thousand chosen men to aid him, silver also, and gold, and abundance of furniture.
et misit ad eum Simon duo millia virorum electorum in auxilium, et argentum, et aurum, et vasa copiosa :

 27 And he would not receive them, but broke all the covenant that he had made with him before, and alienated himself from him.
et noluit ea accipere, sed rupit omnia, quae pactus est cum eo antea, et alienavit se ab eo.

 28 And he sent to him Athenobius one of his friends, to treat with him, saying: You hold Joppe, and Gazara, and the castle that is in Jerusalem, which are cities of my kingdom:
Et misit ad eum Athenobium unum de amicis suis, ut tractaret cum ipso, dicens : Vos tenetis Joppen, et Gazaram, et arcem, quae est in Jerusalem, civitates regni mei :

 29 Their borders you have wasted, and you have made great havock in the land, and have got the dominion of many places in my kingdom.
fines earum desolastis, et fecistis plagam magnam in terra, et dominati estis per loca multa in regno meo.

 30 Now therefore deliver up the cities that you have taken, and the tributes of the places whereof you have gotten the dominion without the borders of Judea.
Nunc ergo tradite civitates quas occupastis, et tributa locorum in quibus dominati estis extra fines Judaeae :

 31 But if not, give me for them five hundred talents of silver, and for the havock that you have made, and the tributes of the cities other five hundred talents: or else we will come and fight against you.
sin autem, date pro illis quingenta talenta argenti, et exterminii, quod exterminastis, et tributorum civitatum alia talenta quingenta : sin autem, veniemus, et expugnabimus vos.

 32 So Athenobius the king's friend came to Jerusalem, and saw the glory of Simon and his magnificence in gold, and silver, and his great equipage, and he was astonished, and told him the king's words.
Et venit Athenobius amicus regis in Jerusalem, et vidit gloriam Simonis, et claritatem in auro, et argento, et apparatum copiosum : et obstupuit, et retulit ei verba regis.

 33 And Simon answered him, and said to him: We have neither taken other men's land, neither do we hold that which is other men's: but the inheritance of our fathers, which was for some time unjustly possessed by our enemies.
Et respondit ei Simon, et dixit ei : Neque alienam terram sumpsimus, neque aliena detinemus : sed haereditatem patrum nostrorum, quae injuste ab inimicis nostris aliquo tempore possessa est.

 34 But we having opportunity claim the inheritance of our fathers.
Nos vero tempus habentes, vindicamus haereditatem patrum nostrorum.

 35 And as to thy complaints concerning Joppe and Gazara, they did great harm to the people, and to our country: yet for these we will give a hundred talents. And Athenobius answered him not a word:
Nam de Joppe et Gazara quae expostulas, ipsi faciebant in populo plagam magnam, et in regione nostra : horum damus talenta centum. Et non respondit ei Athenobius verbum.

 36 But returning in a rage to the king, made report to him of these words, and of the glory of Simon, and of all that he had seen, and the king was exceeding angry.
Reversus autem cum ira ad regem, renuntiavit ei verba ista, et gloriam Simonis, et universa quae vidit, et iratus est rex ira magna.

 37 And Tryphon fled away by ship to Orthosias.
Tryphon autem fugit navi in Orthosiada.

 38 And the king appointed Cendebeus captain of the sea coast, and gave him an army of footmen and horsemen.
Et constituit rex Cendebaeum ducem maritimum, et exercitum peditum et equitum dedit illi.

 39 And he commanded him to march with his army towards Judea: and he commanded him to build up Gedor, and to fortify the gates of the city, and to war against the people. But the king himself pursued after Tryphon.
Et mandavit illi movere castra contra faciem Judaeae : et mandavit ei aedificare Gedorem, et obstruere portas civitatis, et debellare populum. Rex autem persequebatur Typhonem.

 40 And Cendebeus came to Jamnia, and began to provoke the people, and to ravage Judea, and to take the people prisoners, and to kill, and to build Gedor.
Et pervenit Cendebaeus Jamniam, et coepit irritare plebem, et conculcare Judaeam, et captivare populum, et interficere, et aedificare Gedorem.

 41 And he placed there horsemen, and an army: that they might issue forth, and make incursions upon the ways of Judea, as the king had commanded him.
Et collocavit illic equites et exercitum, ut egressi perambularent viam Judaeae, sicut constituit ei rex.

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