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What wisdom did for Adam, Noe, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, Joseph, and the people of Israel.

 1 She preserved him, that was first formed by God the father of the world, when he was created alone,
Haec illum qui primus formatus est a Deo patre orbis terrarum, cum solus esset creatus, custodivit,

 2 And she brought him out of his sin, and gave him power to govern all things.
et eduxit illum a delicto suo, et dedit illi virtutem continendi omnia.

 3 But when the unjust went away from her in his anger, he perished by the fury wherewith he murdered his brother.
Ab hac ut recessit injustus, in ira sua, per iram homicidii fraterni deperiit.

 4 For whose cause, when water destroyed the earth, wisdom healed it again, directing the course of the just by contemptible wood.
Propter quem cum aqua deleret terram, sanavit iterum sapientia, per contemptibile lignum justum gubernans.

 5 Moreover when the nations had conspired together to consent to wickedness, she knew the just, and preserved him without blame to God, and kept him strong against the compassion for his son.
Haec et in consensu nequitiae cum se nationes contulissent, scivit justum, et conservavit sine querela Deo, et in filii misericordia fortem custodivit.

 6 She delivered the just man who fled from the wicked that were perishing, when the fire came down upon Pentapolis:
Haec justum a pereuntibus impiis liberavit fugientem, descendente igne in Pentapolim,

 7 Whose land for a testimony of their wickedness is desolate, and smoketh to this day, and the trees bear fruits that ripen not, and a standing pillar of salt is a monument of an incredulous soul.
quibus in testimonium nequitiae fumigabunda constat deserta terra, et incerto tempore fructus habentes arbores, et incredibilis animae memoria stans figmentum salis.

 8 For regarding not wisdom, they did not only slip in this, that they were ignorant of good things, but they left also unto men a memorial of their folly, so that in the things in which they sinned, they could not so much as lie hid.
Sapientiam enim praetereuntes, non tantum in hoc lapsi sunt ut ignorarent bona, sed et insipientiae suae reliquerunt hominibus memoriam, ut in his quae peccaverunt nec latere potuissent.

 9 But wisdom hath delivered from sorrow them that attend upon her.
Sapientia autem hos qui se observant a doloribus liberavit.

 10 She conducted the just, when he fled from his brother's wrath, through the right ways, and shewed him the kingdom of God, and gave him the knowledge of the holy things, made him honourable in his labours, and accomplished his labours.
Haec profugum irae fratris justum deduxit per vias rectas; et ostendit illi regnum Dei, et dedit illi scientiam sanctorum, honestavit illum in laboribus, et complevit labores illius.

 11 In the deceit of them that overreached him, she stood by him, and made him honourable.
In fraude circumvenientium illum affuit illi, et honestum fecit illum.

 12 She kept him safe from his enemies, and she defended him from seducers, and gave him a strong conflict, that he might overcome, and know that wisdom is mightier than all.
Custodivit illum ab inimicis, et a seductoribus tutavit illum, et certamen forte dedit illi ut vinceret, et sciret quoniam omnium potentior est sapientia.

 13 She forsook not the just when he was sold, but delivered him from sinners: she went down with him into the pit.
Haec venditum justum non dereliquit, sed a peccatoribus liberavit eum; descenditque cum illo in foveam,

 14 And in bands she left him not, till she brought him the sceptre of the kingdom, and power against those that oppressed him: and shewed them to be liars that had accused him, and gave him everlasting glory.
et in vinculis non dereliquit illum, donec afferret illi sceptrum regni, et potentiam adversus eos qui eum deprimebant; et mendaces ostendit qui maculaverunt illum, et dedit illi claritatem aeternam.

 15 She delivered the just people, and blameless seed from the nations that oppressed them.
Haec populum justum et semen sine querela liberavit a nationibus quae illum deprimebant.

 16 She entered into the soul of the servant of God, and stood against dreadful kings in wonders and signs.
Intravit in animam servi Dei, et stetit contra reges horrendos in portentis et signis.

 17 And she rendered to the just the wages of their labours, and conducted them in a wonderful way: and she was to them for a covert by day, and for the light of stars by night:
Et reddidit justis mercedem laborum suorum, et deduxit illos in via mirabili, et fuit illis in velamento diei, et in luce stellarum per noctem;

 18 And she brought them through the Red Sea, and carried them over through a great water.
transtulit illos per mare Rubrum, et transvexit illos per aquam nimiam.

 19 But their enemies she drowned in the sea, and from the depth of hell she brought them out. Therefore the just took the spoils of the wicked.
Inimicos autem illorum demersit in mare, et ab altitudine inferorum eduxit illos. Ideo justi tulerunt spolia impiorum;

 20 And they sung to thy holy name, O Lord, and they praised with one accord thy victorious hand.
et decantaverunt, Domine, nomen sanctum tuum, et victricem manum tuam laudaverunt pariter :

 21 For wisdom opened the mouth of the dumb, and made the tongues of infants eloquent.
quoniam sapientia aperuit os mutorum, et linguas infantium fecit disertas.

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