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The building of Solomon's temple.

 1 And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of the reign of Solomon over Israel, in the month Zio (the same is the second month), he began to build a house to the Lord.
Factum est ergo quadringentesimo et octogesimo anno egressionis filiorum Israel de terra Aegypti, in anno quarto, mense Zio ( ipse est mensis secundus), regni Salomonis super Israel, aedificari coepit domus Domino.

 2 And the house, which king Solomon built to the Lord, was threescore cubits in length, and twenty cubits in breadth, and thirty cubits in height.
Domus autem, quam aedificabat rex Salomon Domino, habebat sexaginta cubitos in longitudine, et viginti cubitos in latitudine, et triginta cubitos in altitudine.

 3 And there was a porch before the temple of twenty cubits in length, according to the measure of the breadth of the temple: and it was ten cubits in breadth before the face of the temple.
Et porticus erat ante templum viginti cubitorum longitudinis, juxta mensuram latitudinis templi : et habebat decem cubitos latitudinis ante faciem templi.

 4 And he made in the temple oblique windows.
Fecitque in templo fenestras obliquas.

 5 And upon the wall of the temple he built floors round about, in the walls of the house round about the temple and the oracle, and he made sides round about.
Et aedificavit super parietem templi tabulata per gyrum, in parietibus domus per circuitum templi et oraculi, et fecit latera in circuitu.

 6 The floor that was underneath, was five cubits in breadth, and the middle floor was six cubits in breadth, and the third door was seven cubits in breadth. And he put beams in the house round about on the outside, that they might not be fastened in the walls of the temple.
Tabulatum quod subter erat, quinque cubitos habebat latitudinis, et medium tabulatum sex cubitorum latitudinis, et tertium tabulatum septem habens cubitos latitudinis. Trabes autem posuit in domo per circuitum forinsecus, ut non haererent muris templi.

 7 And the house, when it was in building, was built of stones hewed and made ready: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house when it was in building.
Domus autem cum aedificaretur, de lapidibus dolatis atque perfectis aedificata est : et malleus, et securis, et omne ferramentum non sunt audita in domo cum aedificaretur.

 8 The door for the middle side was on the right hand of the house: and by winding stairs they went up to the middle room, and from the middle to the third.
Ostium lateris medii in parte erat domus dextrae : et per cochleam ascendebant in medium coenaculum, et a medio in tertium.

 9 So he built the house, and finished it: and he covered the house with roofs of cedar.
Et aedificavit domum, et consummavit eam : texit quoque domum laquearibus cedrinis.

 10 And he built a floor over all the house five cubits in height, and he covered the house with timber of cedar.
Et aedificavit tabulatum super omnem domum quinque cubitis altitudinis, et operuit domum lignis cedrinis.

 11 And the word of the Lord came to Solomon, saying:
Et factus est sermo Domini ad Salomonem, dicens :

 12 This house, which thou buildest, if thou wilt walk in my statutes, and execute my judgments, and keep all my commandments, walking in them, I will fulfill my word to thee which I spoke to David thy father.
Domus haec, quam aedificas, si ambulaveris in praeceptis meis, et judicia mea feceris, et custodieris omnia mandata mea, gradiens per ea : firmabo sermonem meum tibi, quem locutus sum ad David patrem tuum.

 13 And I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel, and will not forsake my people Israel.
Et habitabo in medio filiorum Israel, et non derelinquam populum meum Israel.

 14 So Solomon built the house and finished it.
Igitur aedificavit Salomon domum, et consummavit eam.

 15 And he built the walls of the house on the inside, with boards of cedar, from the floor of the house to the top of the walls, and to the roots, he covered it with boards of cedar on the inside: and he covered the floor of the house with planks of fir.
Et aedificavit parietes domus intrinsecus, tabulatis cedrinis, a pavimento domus usque ad summitatem parietum, et usque ad laquearia, operuit lignis cedrinis intrinsecus : et texit pavimentum domus tabulis abiegnis.

 16 And he built up twenty cubits with boards of cedar at the hinder part of the temple, from the floor to the top: and made the inner house of the oracle to be the holy of holies.
Aedificavitque viginti cubitorum ad posteriorem partem templi tabulata cedrina, a pavimento usque ad superiora : et fecit interiorem domum oraculi in Sanctum sanctorum.

 17 And the temple itself before the doors of the oracle was forty cubits long.
Porro quadraginta cubitorum erat ipsum templum pro foribus oraculi.

 18 And all the house was covered within with cedar, having the turnings, and the joints thereof artfully wrought and carvings projecting out: all was covered with boards of cedar: and no stone could be seen in the wall at all.
Et cedro omnis domus intrinsecus vestiebatur, habens tornaturas et juncturas suas fabrefactas et caelaturas eminentes : omnia cedrinis tabulis vestiebantur : nec omnino lapis apparere poterat in pariete.

 19 And he made the oracle in the midst of the house, in the inner part, to set there the ark of the covenant of the Lord.
Oraculum autem in medio domus, in interiori parte fecerat, ut poneret ibi arcam foederis Domini.

 20 Now the oracle was twenty cubits in length, and twenty cubits in breadth, and twenty cubits in height. And he covered and overlaid it with most pure gold. And the altar also he covered with cedar.
Porro oraculum habebat viginti cubitos longitudinis, et viginti cubitos latitudinis, et viginti cubitos altitudinis : et operuit illud atque vestivit auro purissimo : sed et altare vestivit cedro.

 21 And the house before the oracle he overlaid with most pure gold, and fastened on the plates with nails of gold.
Domum quoque ante oraculum operuit auro purissimo, et affixit laminas clavis aureis.

 22 And there was nothing in the temple that was not covered with gold: the whole altar of the oracle he covered also with gold.
Nihilque erat in templo quod non auro tegeretur : sed et totum altare oraculi texit auro.

 23 And he made in the oracle two cherubims of olive tree, of ten cubits in height.
Et fecit in oraculo duos cherubim de lignis olivarum, decem cubitorum altitudinis.

 24 One wing of the cherub was five cubits, and the other wing of the cherub was five cubits: that is, in all ten cubits, from the extremity of one wing to the extremity of the other wing.
Quinque cubitorum ala cherub una, et quinque cubitorum ala cherub altera : id est, decem cubitos habentes, a summitate alae unius usque ad alae alterius summitatem.

 25 The second cherub also was ten cubits: and the measure, and the work was the same in both the cherubims:
Decem quoque cubitorum erat cherub secundus : in mensura pari, et opus unum erat in duobus cherubim,

 26 That is to say, one cherub was ten cubits high, and in like manner the other cherub.
id est, altitudinem habebat unus cherub decem cubitorum, et similiter cherub secundus.

 27 And he set the cherubims in the midst of the inner temple: and the cherubims stretched forth their wings, and the wing of the one touched one wall, and the wing of the other cherub touched the other wall: and the other wings in the midst of the temple touched one another.
Posuitque cherubim in medio templi interioris : extendebant autem alas suas cherubim, et tangebat ala una parietem, et ala cherub secundi tangebat parietem alterum : alae autem alterae in media parte templi se invicem contingebant.

 28 And he overlaid the cherubims with gold.
Texit quoque cherubim auro.

 29 And all the walls of the temple round about he carved with divers figures and carvings: and he made in them cherubims and palm trees, and divers representations, as it were standing out, and coming forth from the wall.
Et omnes parietes templi per circuitum sculpsit variis caelaturis et torno : et fecit in eis cherubim, et palmas, et picturas varias, quasi prominentes de pariete, et egredientes.

 30 And the floor of the house he also overlaid with gold within and without.
Sed et pavimentum domus texit auro intrinsecus et extrinsecus.

 31 And in the entrance of the oracle he made little doors of olive tree, and posts of five corners,
Et in ingressu oraculi fecit ostiola de lignis olivarum, postesque angulorum quinque.

 32 And two doors of olive tree: and he carved upon them figures of cherubims, and figures of palm trees, and carvings very much projecting: and he overlaid them with gold: and he covered both the cherubims and the palm trees, and the other things with gold.
Et duo ostia de lignis olivarum : et sculpsit in eis picturam cherubim, et palmarum species, et anaglypha valde prominentia : et texit ea auro : et operuit tam cherubim quam palmas, et cetera, auro.

 33 And he made in the entrance of the temple posts of olive tree foursquare:
Fecitque in introitu templi postes de lignis olivarum quadrangulatos :

 34 And two doors of fir tree, one of each side: and each door was double, and so opened with folding leaves.
et duo ostia de lignis abiegnis altrinsecus : et utrumque ostium duplex erat, et se invicem tenens aperiebatur.

 35 And he carved cherubims, and palm trees, and carved work standing very much out: and he overlaid all with golden plates in square work by rule.
Et sculpsit cherubim, et palmas, et caelaturas valde eminentes : operuitque omnia laminis aureis opere quadro ad regulam.

 36 And he built the inner court with three rows of polished stones, and one row of beams of cedar.
Et aedificavit atrium interius tribus ordinibus lapidum politorum, et uno ordine lignorum cedri.

 37 In the fourth year was the house of the Lord founded in the month Zio:
Anno quarto fundata est domus Domini in mense Zio :

 38 And in the eleventh year in the month Bul (which is the eighth month) the house was finished in all the works thereof, and in all the appurtenances thereof: and he was seven years in building it.
et in anno undecimo, mense Bul ( ipse est mensis octavus) perfecta est domus in omni opere suo, et in universis utensilibus suis : aedificavitque eam annis septem.

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