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Isboseth is murdered by two of his servants. David punisheth the murderers.

[1] And Isboseth the son of Saul heard that Abner was slain in Hebron: and his hands were weakened, and all Israel was troubled.
Audivit autem Isboseth filius Saul quod cecidisset Abner in Hebron : et dissolutae sunt manus ejus, omnisque Israel perturbatus est.

[2] Now the son of Saul had two men captains of his bands, the name of the one was Baana, and the name of the other Rechab, the sons of Remmon a Berothite of the children of Benjamin: for Beroth also was reckoned in Benjamin.
Duo autem viri principes latronum erant filio Saul, nomen uni Baana, et nomen alteri Rechab, filii Remmon Berothitae de filiis Benjamin : siquidem et Beroth reputata est in Benjamin.

[3] And the Berothites fled into Gethaim, and were sojourners there until that time.
Et fugerunt Berothitae in Gethaim, fueruntque ibi advenae usque ad tempus illud.

[4] And Jonathan the son of Saul had a son that was lame of his feet: for he was five years old when the tidings came of Saul and Jonathan from Jezrahel. And his nurse took him up and fled: and as she made haste to flee, he fell and became lame: and his name was Miphiboseth.
Erat autem Jonathae filio Saul filius debilis pedibus : quinquennis enim fuit, quando venit nuntius de Saul et Jonatha ex Jezrahel. Tollens itaque eum nutrix sua, fugit : cumque festinaret ut fugeret, cecidit, et claudus effectus est : habuitque vocabulum Miphiboseth.

[5] And the sons of Remmon the Berothite, Rechab and Baana coming, went into the house of Isboseth in the heat of the day: and he was sleeping upon his bed at noon. And the doorkeeper of the house, who was cleansing wheat, was fallen asleep.
Venientes igitur filii Remmon Berothitae, Rechab et Baana, ingressi sunt fervente die domum Isboseth : qui dormiebat super stratum suum meridie. Et ostiaria domus purgans triticum, obdormivit.

[6] And they entered into the house secretly taking ears of corn, and Rechab and Baana his brother stabbed him in the groin, and fled away.
Ingressi sunt autem domum latenter assumentes spicas tritici, et percusserunt eum in inguine Rechab et Baana frater ejus, et fugerunt.

[7] For when they came into the house, he was sleeping upon his bed in a parlour, and they struck him and killed him: and taking away his head they went off by the way of the wilderness, walking all night.
Cum autem ingressi fuissent domum, ille dormiebat super lectum suum in conclavi, et percutientes interfecerunt eum : sublatoque capite ejus, abierunt per viam deserti tota nocte,

[8] And they brought the head of Isboseth to David to Hebron: and they said to the king: Behold the head of Isboseth the son of Saul thy enemy who sought thy life: and the Lord hath revenged my lord the king this day of Saul, and of his seed.
et attulerunt caput Isboseth ad David in Hebron : dixeruntque ad regem : Ecce caput Isboseth filii Saul inimici tui, qui quaerebat animam tuam : et dedit Dominus domino meo regi ultionem hodie de Saul, et de semine ejus.

[9] But David answered Rechab, and Baana his brother, the sons of Remmon the Berothite, and said to them: As the Lord liveth, who hath delivered my soul out of all distress,
Respondens autem David Rechab, et Baana fratri ejus, filiis Remmon Berothitae, dixit ad eos : Vivit Dominus, qui eruit animam meam de omni angustia,

[10] The man that told me, and said: Saul is dead, who thought he brought good tidings, I apprehended, and slew him in Siceleg, who should have been rewarded for his news.
quoniam eum, qui annuntiaverat mihi, et dixerat : Mortuus est Saul : qui putabat se prospera nuntiare, tenui, et occidi eum in Siceleg, cui oportebat mercedem dare pro nuntio.

[11] How much more now when wicked men have slain an innocent man in his own house, upon his bed, shall I not require his blood at your hand, and take you away from the earth?
Quanto magis nunc cum homines impii interfecerunt virum innoxium in domo sua, super lectum suum, non quaeram sanguinem ejus de manu vestra, et auferam vos de terra?

[12] And David commanded his servants and they slew them: and cutting off their hands and feet, hanged them up over the pool in Hebron: but the head of Isboseth they took and buried in the sepulchre of Abner in Hebron.
Praecepit itaque David pueris suis, et interfecerunt eos : praecidentesque manus et pedes eorum, suspenderunt eos super piscinam in Hebron : caput autem Isboseth tulerunt, et sepelierunt in sepulchro Abner in Hebron.

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