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Solomon's chief officers. His riches and wisdom.

[1] And king Solomon reigned over all Israel:
Erat autem rex Salomon regnans super omnem Israel :

[2] And these were the princes which he had: Azarias the son of Sadoc the priest:
et hi principes quos habebat : Azarias filius Sadoc sacerdotis :

[3] Elihoreph, and Ahia, the sons of Sisa, scribes: Josaphat the son of Ahilud, recorder:
Elihoreph et Ahia filii Sisa scribae : Josaphat filius Ahilud a commentariis :

[4] Banaias the son of Joiada, over the army: and Sadoc and Abiathar priests.
Banaias filius Jojadae super exercitum : Sadoc autem et Abiathar sacerdotes.

[5] Azarias the son of Nathan, over them that were about the king: Zabud, the son of Nathan the priest, the king's friend:
Azarias filius Nathan super eos qui assistebant regi : Zabud filius Nathan sacerdos, amicus regis :

[6] And Ahisar governor of the house: and Adoniram the son of Abda over the tribute.
et Ahisar praepositus domus : et Adoniram filius Abda super tributa.

[7] And Solomon had twelve governors over all Israel, who provided victuals for the king and for his household: for every one provided necessaries, each man his month in the year.
Habebat autem Salomon duodecim praefectos super omnem Israel, qui praebebant annonam regi et domui ejus : per singulos enim menses in anno, singuli necessaria ministrabant.

[8] And these are their names: Benhur, in mount Ephraim,
Et haec nomina eorum : Benhur, in monte Ephraim.

[9] Bendecar, in Macces, and in Salebim, and in Bethsames, and in Elon, and in Bethanan.
Bendecar, in Macces, et in Salebim, et in Bethsames, et in Elon, et in Bathanan.

[10] Benhesed in Aruboth: his was Socho, and all the land of Epher.
Benhesed in Aruboth; ipsius erat Socho, et omnis terra Epher.

[11] Benabinadab, to whom belonged all Nephath-Dor, he had Tapheth the daughter of Solomon to wife.
Benabinadab, cujus omnis Nephath Dor, Tapheth filiam Salomonis habebat uxorem.

[12] Bana the son of Ahilud, who governed Thanac and Mageddo, and all Bethsan, which is by Sarthana beneath Jezrael, from Bethsan unto Abelmehula over against Jecmaan.
Bana filius Ahilud regebat Thanac et Mageddo, et universam Bethsan, quae est juxta Sarthana subter Jezrahel, a Bethsan usque Abelmehula e regione Jecmaan.

[13] Bengaber in Ramoth Galaad: he had the towns of Jair the son of Manasses in Galaad, he was chief in all the country of Argob, which is in Basan, threescore great cities with walls, and brazen bolts.
Bengaber in Ramoth Galaad : habebat Avothiair filii Manasse in Galaad, ipse praeerat in omni regione Argob, quae est in Basan, sexaginta civitatibus magnis atque muratis, quae habebant seras aereas.

[14] Abinadab the son of Addo was chief in Manaim.
Abinadab filius Addo praeerat in Manaim.

[15] Achimaas in Nephtali: he also had Basemath the daughter of Solomon to wife.
Achimaas in Nephthali : sed et ipse habebat Basemath filiam Salomonis in conjugio.

[16] Baana the son of Husi, in Aser and in Baloth.
Baana filius Husi, in Aser, et in Baloth.

[17] Josaphat the son of Pharue, in Issachar.
Josaphat filius Pharue, in Issachar.

[18] Semei the son of Ela in Benjamin.
Semei filius Ela, in Benjamin.

[19] Gaber the son of Uri, in the land of Galaad, in the land of Sehon the king of the Amorrhites and of Og the king of Basan, over all that were in that land.
Gaber filius Uri, in terra Galaad, in terra Sehon regis Amorrhaei et Og regis Basan, super omnia quae erant in illa terra.

[20] Juda and Israel were innumerable, as the sand of the sea in multitude: eating and drinking, and rejoicing.
Juda et Israel innumerabiles, sicut arena maris in multitudine : comedentes, et bibentes, atque laetantes.

[21] And Solomon had under him all the kingdoms from the river to the land of the Philistines, even to the border of Egypt: and they brought him presents, and served him, all the days of his life.
Salomon autem erat in ditione sua, habens omnia regna a flumine terrae Philisthiim usque ad terminum Aegypti : offerentium sibi munera, et servientium ei cunctis diebus vitae ejus.

[22] And the provision of Solomon for each day was thirty measures of fine flour, and threescore measures of meal,
Erat autem cibus Salomonis per dies singulos triginta cori similae, et sexaginta cori farinae,

[23] Ten fat oxen and twenty out of the pastures, and a hundred rams, besides venison of harts, roes, and buffles, and fatted fowls.
decem boves pingues, et viginti boves pascuales, et centum arietes, excepta venatione cervorum, caprearum, atque bubalorum, et avium altilium.

[24] For he had all the country which was beyond the river, from Thaphsa to Gazan, and all the kings of those countries: and he had peace on every side round about.
Ipse enim obtinebat omnem regionem quae erat trans flumen, a Taphsa usque ad Gazan, et cunctos reges illarum regionum : et habebat pacem ex omni parte in circuitu.

[25] And Juda and Israel dwelt without any fear, every one under his vine, and under his fig tree, from Dan to Bersabee, all the days of Solomon.
Habitabatque Juda et Israel absque timore ullo, unusquisque sub vite sua et sub ficu sua, a Dan usque Bersabee cunctis diebus Salomonis.

[26] And Solomon had forty thousand stalls of chariot horses, and twelve thousand for the saddle.
Et habebat Salomon quadraginta millia praesepia equorum currilium, et duodecim millia equestrium.

[27] And the foresaid governors of the king fed them: and they furnished the necessaries also for king Solomon's table, with great care in their time.
Nutriebantque eos supradicti regis praefecti : sed et necessaria mensae regis Salomonis cum ingenti cura praebebant in tempore suo.

[28] They brought barley also and straw for the horses, and beasts, to the place where the king was, according as it was appointed them.
Hordeum quoque, et paleas equorum, et jumentorum, deferebant in locum ubi erat rex, juxta constitutum sibi.

[29] And God gave to Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart as the sand that is on the sea shore.
Dedit quoque Deus sapientiam Salomoni et prudentiam multam nimis, et latitudinem cordis quasi arenam quae est in littore maris.

[30] And the wisdom of Solomon surpassed the wisdom of all the Orientals, and of the Egyptians,
Et praecedebat sapientia Salomonis sapientiam omnium Orientalium et Aegyptiorum,

[31] And he was wiser than all men: wiser than Ethan the Ezrahite, and Heman, and Chalcol, and Dorda the sons of Mahol, and he was renowned in all nations round about.
et erat sapientior cunctis hominibus : sapientior Ethan Ezrahita, et Heman, et Chalcol, et Dorda filiis Mahol : et erat nominatus in universis gentibus per circuitum.

[32] Solomon also spoke three thousand parables: and his poems were a thousand and five.
Locutus est quoque Salomon tria millia parabola : et fuerunt carmina ejus quinque et mille.

[33] And he treated about trees from the cedar that is in Libanus, unto the hyssop that cometh out of the wall: and he discoursed of beasts, and of fowls, and of creeping things, and of fishes.
Et disputavit super lignis a cedro quae est in Libano, usque ad hyssopum quae egreditur de pariete : et disseruit de jumentis, et volucribus, et reptilibus, et piscibus.

[34] And they came from all nations to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and from all the kings of the earth, who heard of his wisdom.
Et veniebant de cunctis populis ad audiendam sapientiam Salomonis, et ab universis regibus terrae, qui audiebant sapientiam ejus.

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