Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
XP: Treatise On The Last Things
Q96 Of The Aureoles
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In the next place we must consider the aureoles. Under this head there are thirteen points of inquiry:

A1 Whether the aureoles differ from the essential reward?

A2 Whether they differ from the fruit?

A3 Whether a fruit is due to the virtue of continence only?

A4 Whether three fruits are fittingly assigned to the three parts of continence?

A5 Whether an aureole is due to virgins?

A6 Whether it is due to martyrs?

A7 Whether it is due to doctors?

A8 Whether it is due to Christ?

A9 Whether to the angels?

A10 Whether it is due to the human body?

A11 Whether three aureoles are fittingly assigned?

A12 Whether the virgin's aureole is the greatest?

A13 Whether one has the same aureole in a higher degree than another?