Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
XP: Treatise On The Last Things
Q87 Of The Knowledge Which, After Rising Again, Men Will Have At The Judgment Concerning Merits And Demerits
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In the next place we must treat of those things which follow the resurrection. The first of these to be considered will be the knowledge, which after rising again, men will have at the judgment, concerning merits and demerits; the second will be the general judgment itself, as also the time and place at which it will be; thirdly we shall consider who will judge and who will be judged; fourthly we shall treat of the form wherein the judge will come to judge; and fifthly we shall consider what will be after the judgment, the state of the world and of those who will have risen again.

Under the first head there are three points of inquiry:

A1 Whether at the judgment every man will know all his sins?

A2 Whether every one will be able to read all that is on another's conscience?

A3 Whether one will be able at one glance to see all merits and demerits?