Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
XP: Treatise On The Resurrection
Q79 Of The Conditions Of Those Who Rise Again, And First Of Their Identity
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In the next place we must consider the conditions of those who rise again. Here we shall consider: (1) Those which concern the good and wicked in common; (2) those which concern the good only; (3) those which concern only the wicked. Three things concern the good and wicked in common, namely their identity, their integrity, and their quality: and we shall inquire (1) about their identity; (2) about their integrity; (3) about their quality.

Under the first head there are three points of inquiry:

A1 Whether the body will rise again identically the same?

A2 Whether it will be the self-same man?

A3 Whether it is necessary that the same ashes should return to the same parts in which they were before?