Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
TP: Treatise On The Incarnation
Q27 Of The Sanctification Of The Blessed Virgin
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After the foregoing treatise of the union of God and man and the consequences thereof, it remains for us to consider what things the Incarnate Son of God did or suffered in the human nature united to Him. This consideration will be fourfold. For we shall consider: (1) Those things that relate to His coming into the world; (2) Those things that relate to the course of His life in this world; (3) His departure from this world; (4) Those things that concern His exaltation after this life.

The first of these offers four points of consideration: (1) The Conception of Christ; (2) His Birth; (3) His Circumcision; (4) His Baptism. Concerning His Conception there are some points to be considered: (1) As to the Mother who conceived Him; (2) as to the mode of His Conception; (3) as to the perfection of the offspring conceived.

On the part of the Mother four points offer themselves to our consideration: (1) Her sanctification. (2) her virginity; (3) her espousals; (4) her annunciation, or preparation for conception.

Concerning the first there are six points of inquiry:

A1 Whether the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, was sanctified before her birth from the womb?

A2 Whether she was sanctified before animation?

A3 Whether in virtue of this sanctification the fomes of sin was entirely taken away from her?

A4 Whether the result of this sanctification was that she never sinned?

A5 Whether in virtue of this sanctification she received the fulness of grace?

A6 Whether it was proper to her to be thus sanctified?