Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
TP: Treatise On The Incarnation
Q2 Of The Mode Of Union Of The Word Incarnate
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Now we must consider the mode of union of the Incarnate Word; and, first, the union itself; secondly, the Person assuming; thirdly, the nature assumed.

Under the first head there are twelve points of inquiry:

A1 Whether the union of the Word Incarnate took place in the nature?

A2 Whether it took place in the Person?

A3 Whether it took place in the suppositum or hypostasis?

A4 Whether the Person or hypostasis of Christ is composite after the Incarnation?

A5 Whether any union of body and soul took place in Christ?

A6 Whether the human nature was united to the Word accidentally?

A7 Whether the union itself is something created?

A8 Whether it is the same as assumption?

A9 Whether the union of the two natures is the greatest union?

A10 Whether the union of the two natures in Christ was brought about by grace?

A11 Whether any merits preceded it?

A12 Whether the grace of union was natural to the man Christ?