Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
SS: Treatise On The States Of Life
Q189 Of The Entrance Into Religious Life
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We must now consider the entrance into religious life. Under this head there are ten points of inquiry:

A1 Whether those who are not practiced in the observance of the commandments should enter religion?

A2 Whether it is lawful for a person to be bound by vow to enter religion?

A3 Whether those who are bound by vow to enter religion are bound to fulfil their vow?

A4 Whether those who vow to enter religion are bound to remain there in perpetuity?

A5 Whether children should be received into religion?

A6 Whether one should be withheld from entering religion through deference to one's parents?

A7 Whether parish priests or archdeacons may enter religion?

A8 Whether one may pass from one religious order to another?

A9 Whether one ought to induce others to enter religion?

A10 Whether serious deliberation with one's relations and friends is requisite for entrance into religion?