Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
FS: Treatise On The Passions
Q26 Of The Passions Of The Soul In Particular: And First, Of Love
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We have now to consider the soul's passions in particular, and (1) the passions of the concupiscible faculty; (2) the passions of the irascible faculty.

The first of these considerations will be threefold: since we shall consider (1) Love and hatred; (2) Desire and aversion; (3) Pleasure and sadness.

Concerning love, three points must be considered: (1) Love itself; (2) The cause of love; (3) The effects of love. Under the first head there are four points of inquiry:

A1 Whether love is in the concupiscible power?

A2 Whether love is a passion?

A3 Whether love is the same as dilection?

A4 Whether love is properly divided into love of friendship, and love of concupiscence?