Summa Theologiae by St Thomas Aquinas
FP: Treatise On The One God
Q19 The Will Of God
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After considering the things belonging to the divine knowledge, we consider what belongs to the divine will. The first consideration is about the divine will itself; the second about what belongs strictly to His will; the third about what belongs to the intellect in relation to His will. About His will itself there are twelve points of inquiry:

A1 Whether there is will in God?

A2 Whether God wills things apart from Himself?

A3 Whether whatever God wills, He wills necessarily?

A4 Whether the will of God is the cause of things?

A5 Whether any cause can be assigned to the divine will?

A6 Whether the divine will is always fulfilled?

A7 Whether the will of God is mutable?

A8 Whether the will of God imposes necessity on the things willed?

A9 Whether there is in God the will of evil?

A10 Whether God has free will?

A11 Whether the will of expression is distinguished in God?

A12 Whether five expressions of will are rightly assigned to the divine will?