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Christ foretells the destruction of the temple, with the signs that shall come before it and before the last judgment. We must always watch.

 1 And Jesus being come out of the temple, went away. And his disciples came to shew him the buildings of the temple.
Et egressus Jesus de templo, ibat. Et accesserunt discipuli ejus, ut ostenderent ei aedificationes templi.

 2 And he answering, said to them: Do you see all these things? Amen I say to you there shall not be left here a stone upon a stone that shall not be destroyed.
Ipse autem respondens dixit illis : Videtis haec omnia? amen dico vobis, non relinquetur hic lapis super lapidem, qui non destruatur.

 3 And when he was sitting on mount Olivet, the disciples came to him privately, saying: Tell us when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the consummation of the world?
Sedente autem eo super montem Oliveti, accesserunt ad eum discipuli secreto, dicentes : Dic nobis, quando haec erunt? et quod signum adventus tui, et consummationis saeculi?

 4 And Jesus answering, said to them: Take heed that no man seduce you:
Et respondens Jesus, dixit eis : Videte ne quis vos seducat :

 5 For many will come in my name saying, I am Christ: and they will seduce many.
multi enim venient in nomine meo, dicentes : Ego sum Christus : et multos seducent.

 6 And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
Audituri enim estis praelia, et opiniones praeliorum. Videte ne turbemini : oportet enim haec fieri, sed nondum est finis :

 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places:
consurget enim gens in gentem, et regnum in regnum, et erunt pestilentiae, et fames, et terraemotus per loca :

 8 Now all these are the beginnings of sorrows.
haec autem omnia initia sunt dolorum.

 9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall put you to death: and you shall be hated by all nations for my name's sake.
Tunc tradent vos in tribulationem, et occident vos : et eritis odio omnibus gentibus propter nomen meum.

 10 And then shall many be scandalized: and shall betray one another: and shall hate one another.
Et tunc scandalizabuntur multi, et invicem tradent, et odio habebunt invicem.

 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall seduce many.
Et multi pseudoprophetae surgent, et seducent multos.

 12 And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.
Et quoniam abundavit iniquitas, refrigescet caritas multorum :

 13 But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.
qui autem perseveraverit usque in finem, hic salvus erit.

 14 And this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come.
Et praedicabitur hoc Evangelium regni in universo orbe, in testimonium omnibus gentibus : et tunc veniet consummatio.

 15 When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.
Cum ergo videritis abominationem desolationis, quae dicta est a Daniele propheta, stantem in loco sancto, qui legit, intelligat :

 16 Then they that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains:
tunc qui in Judaea sunt, fugiant ad montes :

 17 And he that is on the housetop, let him not come down to take any thing out of his house:
et qui in tecto, non descendat tollere aliquid de domo sua :

 18 And he that is in the field, let him not go back to take his coat.
et qui in agro, non revertatur tollere tunicam suam.

 19 And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in those days.
Vae autem praegnantibus et nutrientibus in illis diebus!

 20 But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the sabbath.
Orate autem ut non fiat fuga vestra in hieme, vel sabbato :

 21 For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be.
erit enim tunc tribulatio magna, qualis non fuit ab initio mundi usque modo, neque fiet.

 22 And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened.
Et nisi breviati fuissent dies illi, non fieret salva omnis caro : sed propter electos breviabuntur dies illi.

 23 Then if any man shall say to you: Lo here is Christ, or there, do not believe him.
Tunc si quis vobis dixerit : Ecce hic est Christus, aut illic : nolite credere.

 24 For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.
Surgent enim pseudochristi, et pseudoprophetae : et dabunt signa magna, et prodigia, ita ut in errorem inducantur ( si fieri potest) etiam electi.

 25 Behold I have told it to you, beforehand.
Ecce praedixi vobis.

 26 If therefore they shall say to you: Behold he is in the desert, go ye not out: Behold he is in the closets, believe it not.
Si ergo dixerint vobis : Ecce in deserto est, nolite exire; Ecce in penetralibus, nolite credere.

 27 For as lightning cometh out of the east, and appeareth even into the west: so shall the coming of the Son of man be.
Sicut enim fulgur exit ab oriente, et paret usque in occidentem : ita erit et adventus Filii hominis.

 28 Wheresoever the body shall be, there shall the eagles also be gathered together.
Ubicumque fuerit corpus, illic congregabuntur et aquilae.

 29 And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be moved:
Statim autem post tribulationem dierum illorum sol obscurabitur, et luna non dabit lumen suum, et stellae cadent de caelo, et virtutes caelorum commovebuntur :

 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all tribes of the earth mourn: and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with much power and majesty.
et tunc parebit signum Filii hominis in caelo : et tunc plangent omnes tribus terrae : et videbunt Filium hominis venientem in nubibus caeli cum virtute multa et majestate.

 31 And he shall send his angels with a trumpet, and a great voice: and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the farthest parts of the heavens to the utmost bounds of them.
Et mittet angelos suos cum tuba, et voce magna : et congregabunt electos ejus a quatuor ventis, a summis caelorum usque ad terminos eorum.

 32 And from the fig tree learn a parable: When the branch thereof is now tender, and the leaves come forth, you know that summer is nigh.
Ab arbore autem fici discite parabolam : cum jam ramus ejus tener fuerit, et folia nata, scitis quia prope est aestas :

 33 So you also, when you shall see all these things, know ye that it is nigh, even at the doors.
ita et vos cum videritis haec omnia, scitote quia prope est, in januis.

 34 Amen I say to you, that this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done.
Amen dico vobis, quia non praeteribit generatio haec, donec omnia haec fiant.

 35 Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass.
Caelum et terra transibunt, verba autem mea non praeteribunt.

 36 But of that day and hour no one knoweth, not the angels of heaven, but the Father alone.
De die autem illa et hora nemo scit, neque angeli caelorum, nisi solus Pater.

 37 And as in the days of Noe, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
Sicut autem in diebus Noe, ita erit et adventus Filii hominis :

 38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even till that day in which Noe entered into the ark,
sicut enim erant in diebus ante diluvium comedentes et bibentes, nubentes et nuptum tradentes, usque ad eum diem, quo intravit Noe in arcam,

 39 And they knew not till the flood came, and took them all away; so also shall the coming of the Son of man be.
et non cognoverunt donec venit diluvium, et tulit omnes : ita erit et adventus Filii hominis.

 40 Then two shall be in the field: one shall be taken, and one shall be left.
Tunc duo erunt in agro : unus assumetur, et unus relinquetur.

 41 Two women shall be grinding at the mill: one shall be taken, and one shall be left.
Duae molentes in mola : una assumetur, et una relinquetur.

 42 Watch ye therefore, because ye know not what hour your Lord will come.
Vigilate ergo, quia nescitis qua hora Dominus vester venturus sit.

 43 But know this ye, that if the goodman of the house knew at what hour the thief would come, he would certainly watch, and would not suffer his house to be broken open.
Illud autem scitote, quoniam si sciret paterfamilias qua hora fur venturus esset, vigilaret utique, et non sineret perfodi domum suam.

 44 Wherefore be you also ready, because at what hour you know not the Son of man will come.
Ideo et vos estote parati : quia qua nescitis hora Filius hominis venturus est.

 45 Who, thinkest thou, is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath appointed over his family, to give them meat in season.
Quis, putas, est fidelis servus, et prudens, quem constituit dominus suus super familiam suam ut det illis cibum in tempore?

 46 Blessed is that servant, whom when his lord shall come he shall find so doing.
Beatus ille servus, quem cum venerit dominus ejus, invenerit sic facientem.

 47 Amen I say to you, he shall place him over all his goods.
Amen dico vobis, quoniam super omnia bona sua constituet eum.

 48 But if that evil servant shall say in his heart: My lord is long a coming:
Si autem dixerit malus servus ille in corde suo : Moram fecit dominus meus venire :

 49 And shall begin to strike his fellow servants, and shall eat and drink with drunkards:
et coeperit percutere conservos suos, manducet autem et bibat cum ebriosis :

 50 The lord of that servant shall come in a day that he hopeth not, and at an hour that he knoweth not:
veniet dominus servi illius in die qua non sperat, et hora qua ignorat :

 51 And shall separate him, and appoint his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
et dividet eum, partemque ejus ponet cum hypocritis : illic erit fletus et stridor dentium.

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