Douay-Rheims + Latin Vulgate

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God sends his armies against Ninive to destroy it.

[1] He is come up that shall destroy before thy face, that shall keep the siege: watch the way, fortify thy loins, strengthen thy power exceedingly.
Ascendit qui dispergat coram te, qui custodiat obsidionem : contemplare viam, conforta lumbos, robora virtutem valde.

[2] For the Lord hath rendered the pride of Jacob, as the pride of Israel: because the spoilers have laid them waste, and have marred their vine branches.
Quia reddidit Dominus superbiam Jacob, sicut superbiam Israel; quia vastatores dissipaverunt eos, et propagines eorum corruperunt.

[3] The shield of his mighty men is like fire, the men of the army are clad in scarlet, the reins of the chariot are flaming in the day of his preparation, and the drivers are stupefied.
Clypeus fortium ejus ignitus, viri exercitus in coccineis; igneae habenae currus in die praeparationis ejus, et agitatores consopiti sunt.

[4] They are in confusion in the ways, the chariots jostle one against another in the streets: their looks are like torches, like lightning running to and fro.
In itineribus conturbati sunt; quadrigae collisae sunt in plateis : aspectus eorum quasi lampades, quasi fulgura discurrentia.

[5] He will muster up his valiant men, they shall stumble in their march: they shall quickly get upon the walls thereof: and a covering shall be prepared.
Recordabitur fortium suorum; ruent in itineribus suis : velociter ascendent muros ejus, et praeparabitur umbraculum.

[6] The gates of the rivers are opened, and the temple is thrown down to the ground.
Portae fluviorum apertae sunt, et templum ad solum dirutum.

[7] And the soldier is led away captive: and her bondwomen were led away mourning as doves, murmuring in their hearts.
Et miles captivus abductus est, et ancillae ejus minabantur gementes ut columbae, murmurantes in cordibus suis.

[8] And as for Ninive, her waters are like a great pool, but the men flee away. They cry: Stand, stand, but there is none that will return back.
Et Ninive quasi piscina aquarum aquae ejus; ipsi vero fugerunt. State, state! et non est qui revertatur.

[9] Take ye the spoil of the silver, take the spoil of the gold: for there is no end of the riches of all the precious furniture.
Diripite argentum, diripite aurum : et non est finis divitiarum ex omnibus vasis desiderabilibus.

[10] She is destroyed, and rent, and torn: the heart melteth, and the knees fail, and all the loins lose their strength: and the faces of them all are as the blackness of a kettle.
Dissipata est, et scissa, et dilacerata; et cor tabescens, et dissolutio geniculorum, et defectio in cunctis renibus, et facies omnium eorum sicut nigredo ollae.

[11] Where is now the dwelling of the lions, and the feeding place of the young lions, to which the lion went, to enter in thither, the young lion, and there was none to make them afraid?
Ubi est habitaculum leonum, et pascua catulorum leonum, ad quam ivit leo ut ingrederetur illuc catulus leonis, et non est qui exterreat?

[12] The lion caught enough for his whelps, and killed for his lionesses: and he filled his holes with prey, and his den with rapine.
Leo cepit sufficienter catulis suis, et necavit leaenis suis, et implevit praeda speluncas suas, et cubile suum rapina.

[13] Behold I come against thee, saith the Lord of hosts, and I will burn thy chariots even to smoke, and the sword shall devour thy young lions: and I will cut off thy prey out of the land, and the voice of thy messengers shall be heard no more.
Ecce ego ad te, dicit Dominus exercituum, et succendam usque ad fumum quadrigas tuas, et leunculos tuos comedet gladius, et exterminabo de terra praedam tuam, et non audietur ultra vox nuntiorum tuorum.

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