Douay-Rheims + Latin Vulgate

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The desolation of Israel for their pride and luxury.

 1 Woe to you that are wealthy in Sion, and to you that have confidence in the mountain of Samaria: ye great men, heads of the people, that go in with state into the house of Israel.
Vae qui opulenti estis in Sion, et confiditis in monte Samariae : optimates capita populorum, ingredientes pompatice domum Israel!

 2 Pass ye over to Chalane, and see, and go from thence into Emath the great: and go down into Geth of the Philistines, and to all the best kingdoms of these: if their border be larger than your border.
Transite in Chalane, et videte, et ite inde in Emath magnam, et descendite in Geth Palaestinorum, et ad optima quaeque regna horum : si latior terminus eorum termino vestro est.

 3 You that are separated unto the evil day: and that approach to the throne of iniquity;
Qui separati estis in diem malum, et appropinquatis solio iniquitatis;

 4 You that sleep upon beds of ivory, and are wanton on your couches: that eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the herd;
qui dormitis in lectis eburneis, et lascivitis in stratis vestris; qui comeditis agnum de grege, et vitulos de medio armenti;

 5 You that sing to the sound of the psaltery: they have thought themselves to have instruments of music like David;
qui canitis ad vocem psalterii, sicut David putaverunt se habere vasa cantici,

 6 That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the best ointments: and they are not concerned for the affliction of Joseph.
bibentes vinum in phialis, et optimo unguento delibuti, et nihil patiebantur super contritione Joseph.

 7 Wherefore now they shall go captive at the head of them that go into captivity: and the faction of the luxurious ones shall be taken away.
Quapropter nunc migrabunt in capite transmigrantium, et auferetur factio lascivientium.

 8 The Lord God hath sworn by his own soul, saith the Lord the God of hosts: I detest the pride of Jacob, and I hate his houses, and I will deliver up the city with the inhabitants thereof.
Juravit Dominus Deus in anima sua, dicit Dominus Deus exercituum : Detestor ego superbiam Jacob, et domos ejus odi, et tradam civitatem cum habitatoribus suis.

 9 And if there remain ten men in one house, they also shall die.
Quod si reliqui fuerint decem viri in domo una, et ipsi morientur.

 10 And a man's kinsman shall take him up, and shall burn him, that he may carry the bones out of the house; and he shall say to him that is in the inner rooms of the house: Is there yet any with thee?
Et tollet eum propinquus suus, et comburet eum, ut efferat ossa de domo; et dicet ei, qui in penetralibus domus est : Numquid adhuc est penes te?

 11 And he shall answer: There is an end. And he shall say to him: Hold thy peace, and mention not the name of the Lord.
Et respondebit : Finis est. Et dicet ei : Tace, et non recorderis nominis Domini.

 12 For behold the Lord hath commanded, and he will strike the greater house with breaches, and the lesser house with clefts.
Quia ecce Dominus mandabit, et percutiet domum majorem ruinis, et domum minorem scissionibus.

 13 Can horses run upon the rocks, or can any one plough with buffles? for you have turned judgment into bitterness, and the fruit of justice into wormwood.
Numquid currere queunt in petris equi, aut arari potest in bubalis? quoniam convertistis in amaritudinem judicium, et fructum justitiae in absinthium.

 14 You that rejoice in a thing of nought: you that say: Have we not taken unto us horns by our own strength?
Qui laetamini in nihilo; qui dicitis : Numquid non in fortitudine nostra assumpsimus nobis cornua?

 15 But behold, I will raise up a nation against you, O house of Israel, saith the Lord the God of hosts; and they shall destroy you from the entrance of Emath, even to the torrent of the desert.
Ecce enim suscitabo super vos, domus Israel, dicit Dominus Deus exercituum, gentem, et conteret vos ab introitu Emath usque ad torrentem deserti.

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