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Ruth instructed by her mother in law lieth at Booz's feet, claiming him for her husband by the law of affinity: she receiveth a good answer, and six measures of barley.

 1 After she was returned to her mother in law, Noemi said to her: My daughter, I will seek rest for thee, and will provide that it may be well with thee.
Postquam autem reversa est ad socrum suam, audivit ab ea : Filia mea, quaeram tibi requiem, et providebo ut bene sit tibi.

 2 This Booz, with whose maids thou wast joined in the field, is our near kinsman, and behold this night he winnoweth barley in the threshingfloor.
Booz iste, cujus puellis in agro juncta es, propinquus noster est, et hac nocte aream hordei ventilat.

 3 Wash thyself therefore and anoint thee, and put on thy best garments, and go down to the barnfloor: but let not the man see thee, till he shall have done eating and drinking.
Lavare igitur, et undere, et induere cultioribus vestimentis, et descende in aream : non te videat homo, donec esum potumque finierit.

 4 And when he shall go to sleep, mark the place wherein he sleepeth: and thou shalt go in, and lift up the clothes wherewith he is covered towards his feet, and shalt lay thyself down there: and he will tell thee what thou must do.
Quando autem ierit ad dormiendum, nota locum in quo dormiat : veniesque et discooperies pallium, quo operitur a parte pedum, et projicies te, et ibi jacebis : ipse autem dicet quid agere debeas.

 5 She answered: Whatsoever thou shalt command, I will do.
Quae respondit : Quidquid praeceperis, faciam.

 6 And she went down to the barnfloor, and did all that her mother in law had bid her.
Descenditque in aream, et fecit omnia quae sibi imperaverat socrus.

 7 And when Booz had eaten, and drunk, and was merry, he went to sleep by the heap of sheaves, and she came softly and uncovering his feet, laid herself down.
Cumque comedisset Booz, et bibisset, et factus esset hilarior, issetque ad dormiendum juxta acervum manipulorum, venit abscondite, et discooperto pallio, a pedibus ejus se projecit.

 8 And behold, when it was now midnight the man was afraid, and troubled: and he saw a woman lying at his feet,
Et ecce, nocte jam media expavit homo, et conturbatus est : viditque mulierem jacentem ad pedes suos,

 9 And he said to her: Who art thou? And she answered: I am Ruth thy handmaid: spread thy coverlet over thy servant, for thou art a near kinsman.
et ait illi : Quae es? Illaque respondit : Ego sum Ruth ancilla tua : expande pallium tuum super famulam tuam, quia propinquus es.

 10 And he said: Blessed art thou of the Lord, my daughter, and thy latter kindness has surpassed the former: because thou hast not followed young men either poor or rich.
Et ille : Benedicta, inquit, es a Domino filia, et priorem misericordiam posteriore superasti : quia non est secuta juvenes, pauperes sive divites.

 11 Fear not therefore, but whatsoever thou shalt say to me I will do to thee. For all the people that dwell within the gates of my city, know that thou art a virtuous woman.
Noli ergo metuere, sed quidquid dixeris mihi, faciam tibi. Scit enim omnis populus, qui habitat intra portas urbis meae, mulierem te esse virtutis.

 12 Neither do I deny myself to be near of kin, but there is another nearer than I.
Nec abnuo me propinquum, sed est alius me propinquior.

 13 Rest thou this night: and when morning is come, if he will take thee by the right of kindred, all is well: but if he will not, I will undoubtedly take thee, as the Lord liveth: sleep till the morning.
Quiesce hac nocte : et facto mane, si te voluerit propinquitatis jure retinere, bene res acta est : sin autem ille noluerit, ego te absque ulla dubitatione suscipiam, vivit Dominus. Dormi usque mane.

 14 So she slept at his feet till the night was going off. And she arose before men could know one another, and Booz said: Beware lest any man know that thou camest hither.
Dormivit itaque ad pedes ejus, usque ad noctis abscessum. Surrexit itaque antequam homines se cognoscerent mutuo, et dixit Booz : Cave ne quis noverit quod huc veneris.

 15 And again he said: Spread thy mantle, wherewith thou art covered, and hold it with both hands. And when she spread it and held it, he measured six measures of barley, and laid it upon her. And she carried it and went into the city,
Et rursum : Expande, inquit, pallium tuum, quo operiris, et tene utraque manu. Qua extendente, et tenente, mensus est sex modios hordei, et posuit super eam. Quae portans ingressa est civitatem,

 16 And came to her mother in law; who said to her: What hast thou done, daughter? And she told her all that the man had done to her.
et venit ad socrum suam. Quae dixit ei : Quid egisti, filia? Narravitque ei omnia, quae sibi fecisset homo.

 17 And she said: Behold he hath given me six measures of barley: for he said: I will not have thee return empty to thy mother in law.
Et ait : Ecce sex modios hordei dedit mihi, et ait : Nolo vacuam te reverti ad socrum tuam.

 18 And Noemi said: Wait my daughter, till we see what end the thing will have. For the man will not rest until he have accomplished what he hath said.
Dixitque Noemi : Expecta, filia, donec videamus quem res exitum habeat : neque enim cessabit homo, nisi compleverit quod locutus est.

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