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Gedeon, with three hundred men, by stratagem defeateth the Madianites.

[1] Then Jerobaal, who is the same as Gedeon, rising up early and all the people with him, came to the fountain that is called Harad. Now the camp of Madian was in the valley on the north side of the high hill.
Igitur Jerobaal qui et Gedeon, de nocte consurgens, et omnis populus cum eo, venit ad fontem qui vocatur Harad. Erant autem castra Madian in valle ad septentrionalem plagam collis excelsi.

[2] And the Lord said to Gedeon: The people that are with thee are many, and Madian shall not be delivered into their hands: lest Israel should glory against me, and say: I was delivered by my own strength.
Dixitque Dominus ad Gedeon : Multus tecum est populus, nec tradetur Madian in manus ejus : ne glorietur contra me Israel, et dicat : Meis viribus liberatus sum.

[3] Speak to the people, and proclaim in the hearing of all, Whosoever is fearful and timorous, let him return. So two and twenty thousand men went away from mount Galaad and returned home, and only ten thousand remained.
Loquere ad populum, et cunctis audientibus praedica : Qui formidolosus et timidus est, revertatur. Recesseruntque de monte Galaad, et reversi sunt de populo viginti duo millia virorum, et tantum decem millia remanserunt.

[4] And the Lord said to Gedeon: The people are still too many, bring them to the waters, and there I will try them: and of whom I shall say to thee, This shall go with thee, let him go: whom I shall forbid to go, let him return.
Dixitque Dominus ad Gedeon : Adhuc populus multus est : duc eos ad aquas et ibi probabo illos : et de quo dixero tibi ut tecum vadat, ipse pergat; quem ire prohibuero, revertatur.

[5] And when the people were come down to the waters, the Lord said to Gedeon: They that shall lap the water with their tongues, as dogs are wont to lap, thou shalt set apart by themselves: but they that shall drink bowing down their knees, shall be on the other side.
Cumque descendisset populus ad aquas, dixit Dominus ad Gedeon : Qui lingua lambuerint aquas, sicut solent canes lambere, separabis eos seorsum : qui autem curvatis genibus biberint, in altera parte erunt.

[6] And the number of them that had lapped water, casting it with the hand to their mouth, was three hundred men: and all the rest of the multitude had drunk kneeling.
Fuit itaque numerus eorum qui manu ad os projiciente, lambuerunt aquas trecenti viri : omnis autem reliqua multitudo flexo poplite biberat.

[7] And the Lord said to Gedeon: By the three hundred men, that lapped water, I will save you, and deliver Madian into thy hand: but let all the rest of the people return to their place.
Et ait Dominus ad Gedeon : In trecentis viris qui lambuerunt aquas, liberabo vos, et tradam in manu tua Madian : omnis autem reliqua multitudo revertatur in locum suum.

[8] So taking victuals and trumpets according to their number, he ordered all the rest of the multitude to depart to their tents: and he with the three hundred gave himself to the battle. Now the camp of Madian was beneath him in the valley.
Sumptis itaque pro numero cibariis et tubis, omnem reliquam multitudinem abire praecepit ad tabernacula sua : et ipse cum trecentis viris se certamini dedit. Castra autem Madian erant subter in valle.

[9] The same night the Lord said to him: Arise, and go down into the camp: because I have delivered them into thy hand.
Eadem nocte dixit Dominus ad eum : Surge, et descende in castra : quia tradidi eos in manu tua.

[10] But if thou be afraid to go alone, let Phara thy servant go down with thee.
Sin autem solus ire formidas, descendat tecum Phara puer tuus.

[11] And when thou shalt hear what they are saying, then shall thy hands be strengthened, and thou shalt go down more secure to the enemies' camp. And he went down with Phara his servant into part of the camp, where was the watch of men in arms.
Et cum audieris quid loquantur, tunc confortabuntur manus tuae, et securior ad hostium castra descendes. Descendit ergo ipse et Phara puer ejus in partem castrorum, ubi erant armatorum vigiliae.

[12] But Madian and Amalec, and all the eastern people lay scattered in the valley, as a multitude of locusts: their camels also were innumerable as the sand that lieth on the sea shore.
Madian autem et Amalec, et omnes orientales populi, fusi jacebant in valle, ut locustarum multitudo : cameli quoque innumerabiles erant, sicut arena quae jacet in littore maris.

[13] And when Gedeon was come, one told his neighbour a dream: and in this manner related what he had seen: I dreamt a dream, and it seemed to me as if a hearth cake of barley bread rolled and came down into the camp of Madian: and when it was come to a tent it struck it, and beat it down flat to the ground.
Cumque venisset Gedeon, narrabat aliquis somnium proximo suo : et in hunc modum referebat quod viderat : Vidi somnium, et videbatur mihi quasi subcinericius panis ex hordeo volvi, et in castra Madian descendere : cumque pervenisset ad tabernaculum, percussit illud, atque subvertit, et terrae funditus coaequavit.

[14] He to whom he spoke, answered: This is nothing else but the sword of Gedeon the son of Joas a man of Israel. For the Lord hath delivered Madian, and all their camp into his hand.
Respondit is, cui loquebatur : Non est hoc aliud, nisi gladius Gedeonis filii Joas viri Israelitae : tradidit enim Dominus in manus ejus Madian, et omnia castra ejus.

[15] And when Gedeon had heard the dream, and the interpretation thereof, he adored: and returned to the camp of Israel, and said: Arise, for the Lord hath delivered the camp of Madian into our hands.
Cumque audisset Gedeon somnium, et interpretationem ejus, adoravit : et reversus est ad castra Israel, et ait : Surgite, tradidit enim Dominus in manus nostras castra Madian.

[16] And he divided the three hundred men into three parts, and gave them trumpets in their hands, and empty pitchers, and lamps within the pitchers.
Divisitque trecentos viros in tres partes, et dedit tubas in manibus eorum, lagenasque vacuas ac lampades in medio lagenarum.

[17] And he said to them: What you shall see me do, do you the same: I will go into one part of the camp, and do you as I shall do.
Et dixit ad eos : Quod me facere videritis, hoc facite : ingrediar partem castrorum, et quod fecero sectamini.

[18] When the trumpet shall sound in my hand, do you also blow the trumpets on every side of the camp.
Quando personuerit tuba in manu mea, vos quoque per castrorum circuitum clangite, et conclamate : Domino et Gedeoni.

[19] And Gedeon, and the three hundred men that were with him, went into part of the camp, at the beginning of the midnight watch, and the watchmen being alarmed, they began to sound their trumpets, and to clap the pitchers one against another.
Ingressusque est Gedeon, et trecenti viri qui erant cum eo, in partem castrorum, incipientibus vigiliis noctis mediae, et custodibus suscitatis, coeperunt buccinis clangere, et complodere inter se lagenas.

[20] And when they sounded their trumpets in three places round about the camp, and had broken their pitchers, they held their lamps in their left hands, and with their right hands the trumpets which they blew, and they cried out: The sword of the Lord and of Gedeon;
Cumque per gyrum castrorum in tribus personarent locis, et hydrias confregissent, tenuerunt sinistris manibus lampades, et dextris sonantes tubas, clamaveruntque : Gladius Domini et Gedeonis :

[21] Standing every man in his place round about the enemies' camp. So all the camp was troubled, and crying out and howling they fled away.
stantes singuli in loco suo per circuitum castrorum hostilium. Omnia itaque castra turbata sunt, et vociferantes ululantesque fugerunt :

[22] And the three hundred men nevertheless persisted sounding the trumpets. And the Lord sent the sword into all the camp, and they killed one another,
et nihilominus insistebant trecenti viri buccinis personantes. Immisitque Dominus gladium omnibus castris, et mutua se caede truncabant,

[23] Fleeing as far as Bethsetta, and the border of Abelmahula in Tebbath. But the men of Israel shouting from Nephtali and Aser, and from all Manasses pursued after Madian.
fugientes usque ad Bethsetta, et crepidinem Abelmehula in Tebbath. Conclamantes autem viri Israel de Nephthali, et Aser, et omni Manasse, persequebantur Madian.

[24] And Gedeon sent messengers into all mount Ephraim, saying: Come down to meet Madian, and take the waters before them to Bethbera and the Jordan. And all Ephraim shouted, and took the waters before them and the Jordan as far as Bethbera.
Misitque Gedeon nuntios in omnem montem Ephraim, dicens : Descendite in occursum Madian, et occupate aquas usque Bethbera atque Jordanem. Clamavitque omnis Ephraim, et praeoccupavit aquas atque Jordanem usque Bethbera.

[25] And having taken two men of Madian, Oreb and Zeb: Oreb they slew in the rock of Oreb, and Zeb in the winepress of Zeb. And they pursued Madian, carrying the heads of Oreb and Zeb to Gedeon beyond the waters of the Jordan.
Apprehensosque duos viros Madian, Oreb et Zeb, interfecit Oreb in petra Oreb, Zeb vero in torculari Zeb. Et persecuti sunt Madian, capita Oreb et Zeb portantes ad Gedeon trans fluenta Jordanis.

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