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Mary and Aaron murmur against Moses, whom God praiseth above other prophets. Mary being struck with leprosy, Aaron confesseth his fault. Moses prayeth for her, and after seven days' separation from the camp, she is restored.

 1 And Mary and Aaron spoke against Moses, because of his wife the Ethiopian,
Locutaque est Maria et Aaron contra Moysen propter uxorem ejus Aethiopissam,

 2 And they said: Hath the Lord spoken by Moses only? hath he not also spoken to us in like manner? And when the Lord heard this,
et dixerunt : Num per solum Moysen locutus est Dominus? nonne et nobis similiter est locutus? Quod cum audisset Dominus

 3 (For Moses was a man exceeding meek above all men that dwelt upon earth)
( erat enim Moyses vir mitissimus super omnes homines qui morabantur in terra),

 4 Immediately he spoke to him, and to Aaron and Mary: Come out you three only to the tabernacle of the covenant. And when they were come out,
statim locutus est ad eum, et ad Aaron et Mariam : Egredimini vos tantum tres ad tabernaculum foederis. Cumque fuissent egressi,

 5 The Lord came down in a pillar of the cloud, and stood in the entry of the tabernacle calling to Aaron and Mary. And when they were come,
descendit Dominus in columna nubis, et stetit in introitu tabernaculi, vocans Aaron et Mariam. Qui cum issent,

 6 He said to them: Hear my words: if there be among you a prophet of the Lord, I will appear to him in a vision, or I will speak to him in a dream.
dixit ad eos : Audite sermones meos : si quis fuerit inter vos propheta Domini, in visione apparebo ei, vel per somnium loquar ad illum.

 7 But it is not so with my servant Moses who is most faithful in all my house:
At non talis servus meus Moyses, qui in omni domo mea fidelissimus est :

 8 For I speak to him mouth to mouth: and plainly, and not by riddles and figures doth he see the Lord. Why then were you not afraid to speak ill of my servant Moses?
ore enim ad os loquor ei : et palam, et non per aenigmata et figuras Dominum videt. Quare ergo non timuistis detrahere servo meo Mosyi?

 9 And being angry with them he went away:
Iratusque contra eos, abiit :

 10 The cloud also that was over the tabernacle departed: and behold Mary appeared white as snow with a leprosy. And when Aaron had looked on her, and saw her all covered with leprosy,
nubes quoque recessit quae erat super tabernaculum : et ecce Maria apparuit candens lepra quasi nix. Cumque respexisset eam Aaron, et vidisset perfusam lepra,

 11 He said to Moses: I beseech thee, my lord, lay not upon us this sin, which we have foolishly committed:
ait ad Moysen : Obsecro, domine mi, ne imponas nobis hoc peccatum quod stulte commisimus,

 12 Let her not be as one dead, and as an abortive that is cast forth from the mother's womb. Lo, now one half of her flesh is consumed with the leprosy.
ne fiat haec quasi mortua, et ut abortivum quod projicitur de vulva matris suae : ecce jam medium carnis ejus devoratum est a lepra.

 13 And Moses cried to the Lord, saying: O God, I beseech thee heal her.
Clamavitque Moyses ad Dominum, dicens : Deus, obsecro, sana eam.

 14 And the Lord answered him: If her father had spitten upon her face, ought she not to have been ashamed for seven days at least? Let her be separated seven days without the camp, and after wards she shall be called again.
Cui respondit Dominus : Si pater ejus spuisset in faciem illius, nonne debuerat saltem septem diebus rubore suffundi? separetur septem diebus extra castra, et postea revocabitur.

 15 Mary therefore was put out of the camp seven days: and the people moved not from that place until Mary was called again.
Exclusa est itaque Maria extra castra septem diebus : et populus non est motus de loco illo, donec revocata est Maria.

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