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The prayer of Jeremias the prophet.

[1] Remember, O Lord, what is come upon us: consider and behold our reproach.
Recordare, Domine, quid acciderit nobis; intuere et respice opprobrium nostrum.

[2] Our inheritance is turned to aliens: our houses to strangers.
Haereditas nostra versa est ad alienos, domus nostrae ad extraneos.

[3] We are become orphans without a father: our mothers are as widows.
Pupilli facti sumus absque patre, matres nostrae quasi viduae.

[4] We have drunk our water for money: we have bought our wood.
Aquam nostram pecunia bibimus; ligna nostra pretio comparavimus.

[5] We were dragged by the necks, we were weary and no rest was given us.
Cervicibus nostris minabamur, lassis non dabatur requies.

[6] We have given our hand to Egypt, and to the Assyrians, that we might be satisfied with bread.
Aegypto dedimus manum et Assyriis, ut saturaremur pane.

[7] Our fathers have sinned, and are not: and we have borne their iniquities.
Patres nostri peccaverunt, et non sunt : et nos iniquitates eorum portavimus.

[8] Servants have ruled over us: there was none to redeem us out of their hand.
Servi dominati sunt nostri : non fuit qui redimeret de manu eorum.

[9] We fetched our bread at the peril of our lives, because of the sword in the desert.
In animabus nostris afferebamus panem nobis, a facie gladii in deserto.

[10] Our skin was burnt as an oven, by reason of the violence of the famine.
Pellis nostra quasi clibanus exusta est, a facie tempestatum famis.

[11] They oppressed the women in Sion, and the virgins in the cities of Juda.
Mulieres in Sion humiliaverunt, et virgines in civitatibus Juda.

[12] The princes were hanged up by their hand: they did not respect the persons of the ancient.
Principes manu suspensi sunt; facies senum non erubuerunt.

[13] They abused the young men indecently: and the children fell under the wood.
Adolescentibus impudice abusi sunt, et pueri in ligno corruerunt.

[14] The ancients have ceased from the gates: the young men from the choir of the singers.
Senes defecerunt de portis, juvenes de choro psallentium.

[15] The joy of our heart is ceased, our dancing is turned into mourning.
Defecit gaudium cordis nostri; versus est in luctum chorus noster.

[16] The crown is fallen from our head: woe to us, because we have sinned.
Cecidit corona capitis nostri : vae nobis, quia peccavimus!

[17] Therefore is our heart sorrowful, therefore are our eyes become dim,
Propterea moestum factum est cor nostrum; ideo contenebrati sunt oculi nostri,

[18] For mount Sion, because it is destroyed, foxes have walked upon it.
propter montem Sion quia disperiit; vulpes ambulaverunt in eo.

[19] But thou, O Lord, shalt remain for ever, thy throne from generation to generation.
Tu autem, Domine, in aeternum permanebis, solium tuum in generationem et generationem.

[20] Why wilt thou forget us for ever? why wilt thou forsake us for a long time?
Quare in perpetuum oblivisceris nostri, derelinques nos in longitudine dierum?

[21] Convert us, O Lord, to thee, and we shall be converted: renew our days, as from the beginning.
Converte nos, Domine, ad te, et convertemur; innova dies nostros, sicut a principio.

[22] But thou hast utterly rejected us, thou art exceedingly angry against us.
Sed projiciens repulisti nos : iratus es contra nos vehementer.

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