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The vision of the four chariots. Crowns are ordered for Jesus the high priest, as a type of Christ.

[1] And I turned, and lifted up my eyes, and saw: and behold four chariots came out from the midst of two mountains: and the mountains were mountains of brass.
Et conversus sum, et levavi oculos meos, et vidi : et ecce quatuor quadrigae egredientes de medio duorum montium : et montes, montes aerei.

[2] In the first chariot were red horses, and in the second chariot black horses.
In quadriga prima equi rufi, et in quadriga secunda equi nigri,

[3] And in the third chariot white horses, and in the fourth chariot grisled horses, and strong ones.
et in quadriga tertia equi albi, et in quadriga quarta equi varii et fortes.

[4] And I answered, and said to the angel that spoke in me: What are these, my lord?
Et respondi, et dixi ad angelum qui loquebatur in me : Quid sunt haec, domine mi?

[5] And the angel answered, and said to me: These are the four winds of the heaven, which go forth to stand before the Lord of all the earth.
Et respondit angelus, et ait ad me : Isti sunt quatuor venti caeli, qui egrediuntur ut stent coram Dominatore omnis terrae.

[6] That in which were the black horses went forth into the land of the north, and the white went forth after them: and the grisled went forth to the land of the south.
In qua erant equi nigri, egrediebantur in terram aquilonis : et albi egressi sunt post eos, et varii egressi sunt ad terram austri.

[7] And they that were most strong, went out, and sought to go, and to run to and fro through all the earth. And he said: Go, walk throughout the earth: and they walked throughout the earth.
Qui autem erant robustissimi, exierunt, et quaerebant ire et discurrere per omnem terram. Et dixit : Ite, perambulate terram : et perambulaverunt terram.

[8] And he called me, and spoke to me, saying: Behold they that go forth into the land of the north, have quieted my spirit in the land of the north.
Et vocavit me, et locutus est ad me, dicens : Ecce qui egrediuntur in terram aquilonis, requiescere fecerunt spiritum meum in terra aquilonis.

[9] And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
Et factum est verbum Domini ad me, dicens :

[10] Take of them of the captivity, of Holdai, and of Tobias, and of Idaias; thou shalt come in that day, and shalt go into the house of Josias, the son of Sophonias, who came out of Babylon.
Sume a transmigratione, ab Holdai, et a Tobia, et ab Idaia : et venies tu in die illa, et intrabis domum Josiae filii Sophoniae, qui venerunt de Babylone.

[11] And thou shalt take gold and silver: and shalt make crowns, and thou shalt set them on the head of Jesus the son of Josedec, the high priest.
Et sumes aurum et argentum, et facies coronas, et pones in capite Jesu filii Josedec, sacerdotis magni :

[12] And thou shalt speak to him, saying: Thus saith the Lord of hosts, saying: BEHOLD A MAN, THE ORIENT IS HIS NAME: and under him shall he spring up, and shall build a temple to the Lord.
et loqueris ad eum, dicens : Haec ait Dominus exercituum, dicens : Ecce vir, Oriens nomen ejus, et subter eum orietur, et aedificabit templum Domino.

[13] Yea, he shall build a temple to the Lord: and he shall bear the glory, and shall sit, and rule upon his throne: and he shall be a priest upon his throne, and the counsel of peace shall be between them both.
Et ipse exstruet templum Domino : et ipse portabit gloriam, et sedebit, et dominabitur super solio suo : et erit sacerdos super solio suo, et consilium pacis erit inter illos duos.

[14] And the crowns shall be to Helem, and Tobias, and Idaias, and to Hem, the son of Sophonias, a memorial in the temple of the Lord.
Et coronae erunt Helem, et Tobiae, et Idaiae, et Hem filio Sophoniae, memoriale in templo Domini.

[15] And they that are far off, shall come and shall build in the temple of the Lord: and you shall know that the Lord of hosts sent me to you. But this shall come to pass, if hearing you will hear the voice of the Lord your God.
Et qui procul sunt, venient, et aedificabunt in templo Domini : et scietis quia Dominus exercituum misit me ad vos. Erit autem hoc, si auditu audieritis vocem Domini Dei vestri.

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