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Daniel and his companions are taken into the palace of the king of Babylon: they abstain from his meat and wine, and succeed better with pulse and water. Their excellence and wisdom.

[1] In the third year of the reign of Joakim king of Juda, Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon came to Jerusalem, and besieged it.
Anno tertio regni Joakim regis Juda, venit Nabuchodonosor, rex Babylonis, in Jerusalem, et obsedit eam:

[2] And the Lord delivered into his hands Joakim the king of Juda, and part of the vessels of the house of God: and he carried them away into the land of Sennaar, to the house of his god, and the vessels he brought into the treasure house of his god.
Et tradidit Dominus in manu ejus Joakim, regem Juda, et partem vasorum domus Dei: et asportavit ea in terram Sennaar in domum dei sui, et vasa intulit in domum thesauri dei sui.

[3] And the king spoke to Asphenez the master of the eunuchs, that he should bring in some of the children of Israel, and of the king' s seed and of the princes,
Et ait rex Asphenez praeposito eunuchorum ut introduceret de filiis Israel, et de semine regio et tyrannorum,

[4] Children in whom there was no blemish, well favoured, and skillful in all wisdom, acute in knowledge, and instructed in science, and such as might stand in the king' s palace, that he might teach them the learning, and the tongue of the Chaldeans.
Pueros in quibus nulla esset macula, decoros forma, et eruditos omni sapientia, cautos scientia, et doctos disciplina, et qui possent stare in palatio regis, ut doceret eos litteras et linguam Chaldaeorum.

[5] And the king appointed them a daily provision, of his own meat, and of the wine of which he drank himself, that being nourished three years, afterwards they might stand before the king.
Et constituit eis rex annonam per singulos dies de cibis suis, et de vino unde bibebat ipse, ut enutriti tribus annis, postea starent in conspectu regis.

[6] Now there were among them of the children of Juda, Daniel, Ananias, Misael, and Azarias.
Fuerunt ergo inter eos de filiis Juda, Daniel, Ananias, Misael, et Azarias.

[7] And the master of the eunuchs gave them names: to Daniel, Baltassar: to Ananias, Sidrach: to Misael, Misach: and to Azarias, Abdenago.
Et imposuit eis praepositus eunuchorum nomina: Danieli, Baltassar; Ananiae, Sidrach; Misaeli, Misach; et Azariae, Abdenago.

[8] But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not be defiled with the king' s table, nor with the wine which he drank: and he requested the master of the eunuchs that he might not be defiled.
Proposuit autem Daniel in corde suo ne pollueretur de mensa regis, neque de vino potus ejus: et rogavit eunuchorum praepositum ne contaminaretur.

[9] And God gave to Daniel grace and mercy in the sight of the prince of the eunuchs.
Dedit autem Deus Danieli gratiam et misericordiam in conspectu principis eunuchorum.

[10] And the prince of the eunuchs said to Daniel: I fear my lord the king, who hath appointed you meat and drink: who if he should see your faces leaner than those of the other youths your equals, you shall endanger my head to the king.
Et ait princeps eunuchorum ad Danielem: Timeo ego dominum meum regem, qui constituit vobis cibum et potum: qui si viderit vultus vestros macilentiores prae ceteris adolescentibus coaevis vestris, condemnabitis caput meum regi.

[11] And Daniel said to Malasar, whom the prince of the eunuchs had appointed over Daniel, Ananias, Misael, and Azarias:
Et dixit Daniel ad Malasar, quem constituerat princeps eunuchorum super Danielem, Ananiam, Misaelem, et Azariam:

[12] Try, I beseech thee, thy servants for ten days, and let pulse be given us to eat, and water to drink:
Tenta nos, obsecro, servos tuos, diebus decem, et dentur nobis legumina ad vescendum, et aqua ad bibendum:

[13] And look upon our faces, and the faces of the children that eat of the king' s meat: and as thou shalt see, deal with thy servants.
Et contemplare vultus nostros, et vultus puerorum, qui vescuntur cibo regio: et sicut videris, facies cum servis tuis.

[14] And when he had heard these words, he tried them for ten days.
Qui, audito sermone hujuscemodi, tentavit eos diebus decem.

[15] And after ten days their faces appeared fairer and fatter than all the children that ate of the king' s meat.
Post dies autem decem, apparuerunt vultus eorum meliores, et corpulentiores prae omnibus pueris, qui vescebantur cibo regio.

[16] So Malasar took their portions, and the wine that they should drink: and he gave them pulse.
Porro Malasar tollebat cibaria, et vinum potus eorum: dabatque eis legumina.

[17] And to these children God gave knowledge, and understanding in every book, and wisdom: but to Daniel the understanding also of all visions and dreams.
Pueris autem his dedit Deus scientiam et disciplinam, in omni libro et sapientia: Danieli autem intelligentiam omnium visionum et somniorum.

[18] And when the days were ended, after which the king had ordered they should be brought in: the prince of the eunuchs brought them in before Nabuchodonosor.
Completis itaque diebus, post quos dixerat rex ut introducerentur, introduxit eos praepositus eunuchorum in conspectu Nabuchodonosor.

[19] And when the king had spoken to them, there were not found among them all such as Daniel, Ananias, Misael, and Azarias: and they stood in the king' s presence.
Cumque eis locutus fuisset rex, non sunt inventi tales de universis, ut Daniel, Ananias, Misael, et Azarias: et steterunt in conspectu regis.

[20] And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the diviners, and wise men, that were in all his kingdom.
Et omne verbum sapientiae et intellectus, quod sciscitatus est ab eis rex, invenit in eis decuplum super cunctos ariolos et magos qui erant in universo regno ejus.

[21] And Daniel continued even to the first year of king Cyrus.
Fuit autem Daniel usque ad annum primum Cyri regis.

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