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God's revenge against the enemies of his church. The happiness of the heavenly Jerusalem.

[1] Woe to thee that spoilest, shalt not thou thyself also be spoiled? and thou that despisest, shalt not thyself also be despised? when thou shalt have made an end of spoiling, thou shalt be spoiled: when being wearied thou shalt cease to despise, thou shalt be despised.
Vae qui praedaris! nonne et ipse praedaberis? et qui spernis, nonne et ipse sperneris? Cum consummaveris depraedationem, depraedaberis; cum fatigatus desieris contemnere, contemneris.

[2] O Lord, have mercy on us: for we have waited for thee: be thou our arm in the morning, and our salvation in the time of trouble.
Domine, miserere nostri, te enim exspectavimus; esto brachium nostrum in mane, et salus nostra in tempore tribulationis.

[3] At the voice of the angel the people fled, and at the lifting up thyself the nations are scattered.
A voce angeli fugerunt populi, et ab exaltatione tua dispersae sunt gentes.

[4] And your spoils shall be gathered together as the locusts are gathered, as when the ditches are full of them.
Et congregabuntur spolia vestra sicut colligitur bruchus, velut cum fossae plenae fuerint de eo.

[5] The Lord is magnified, for he hath dwelt on high: he hath filled Sion with judgment and justice.
Magnificatus est Dominus, quoniam habitavit in excelso; implevit Sion judicio et justitia.

[6] And there shall be faith in thy times: riches of salvation, wisdom and knowledge: the fear of the Lord is his treasure.
Et erit fides in temporibus tuis : divitiae salutis sapientia et scientia; timor Domini ipse est thesaurus ejus.

[7] Behold they that see shall cry without, the angels of peace shall weep bitterly.
Ecce videntes clamabunt foris; angeli pacis amare flebunt.

[8] The ways are made desolate, no one passeth by the road, the covenant is made void, he hath rejected the cities, he hath not regarded the men.
Dissipatae sunt viae, cessavit transiens per semitam : irritum factum est pactum, projecit civitates, non reputavit homines.

[9] The land hath mourned, and languished: Libanus is confounded and become foul, and Saron is become as a desert: and Basan and Carmel are shaken.
Luxit et elanguit terra; confusus est Libanus, et obsorduit : et factus est Saron sicut desertum, et concussa est Basan, et Carmelus.

[10] Now will I rise up, saith the Lord: now will I be exalted, now will I lift up myself.
Nunc consurgam, dicit Dominus; nunc exaltabor, nunc sublevabor.

[11] You shall conceive heat, you shall bring forth stubble: your breath as fire shall devour you.
Concipietis ardorem, parietis stipulam; spiritus vester ut ignis vorabit vos.

[12] And the people shall be as ashes after a fire, as a bundle of thorns they shall be burnt with fire.
Et erunt populi quasi de incendio cinis; spinae congregatae igni comburentur.

[13] Hear, you that are far off, what I have done, and you that are near know my strength.
Audite, qui longe estis, quae fecerim; et cognoscite, vicini, fortitudinem meam.

[14] The sinners in Sion are afraid, trembling hath seized upon the hypocrites. Which of you can dwell with devouring fire? which of you shall dwell with everlasting burnings?
Conterriti sunt in Sion peccatores; possedit tremor hypocritas. Quis poterit habitare de vobis cum igne devorante? quis habitabit ex vobis cum ardoribus sempiternis?

[15] He that walketh in justices, and speaketh truth, that casteth away avarice by oppression, and shaketh his hands from all bribes, that stoppeth his ears lest he hear blood, and shutteth his eyes that he may see no evil.
Qui ambulat in justitiis et loquitur veritatem, qui projicit avaritiam ex calumnia, et excutit manus suas ab omni munere, qui obturat aures suas ne audiat sanguinem, et claudit oculos suos ne videat malum.

[16] He shall dwell on high, the fortifications of rocks shall be his highness: bread is given him, his waters are sure.
Iste in excelsis habitabit; munimenta saxorum sublimitas ejus : panis ei datus est, aquae ejus fideles sunt.

[17] His eyes shall see the king in his beauty, they shall see the land far off.
Regem in decore suo videbunt oculi ejus, cernent terram de longe.

[18] Thy heart shall meditate fear: where is the learned? where is he that pondereth the words of the law? where is the teacher of little ones?
Cor tuum meditabitur timorem : ubi est litteratus? ubi legis verba ponderans? ubi doctor parvulorum?

[19] The shameless people thou shalt not see, the people of profound speech: so that thou canst not understand the eloquence of his tongue, in whom there is no wisdom.
Populum impudentem non videbis, populum alti sermonis, ita ut non possis intelligere disertitudinem linguae ejus, in quo nulla est sapientia.

[20] Look upon Sion the city of our solemnity: thy eyes shall see Jerusalem, a rich habitation, a tabernacle that cannot be removed: neither shall the nails thereof be taken away for ever, neither shall any of the cords thereof be broken:
Respice, Sion, civitatem solemnitatis nostrae : oculi tui videbunt Jerusalem, habitationem opulentam, tabernaculum quod nequaquam transferri poterit; nec auferentur clavi ejus in sempiternum, et omnes funiculi ejus non rumpentur :

[21] Because only there our Lord is magnificent: a place of rivers, very broad and spacious streams: no ship with oars shall pass by it, neither shall the great galley pass through it.
quia solummodo ibi magnificus est Dominus noster : locus fluviorum rivi latissimi et patentes : non transibit per eum navis remigum, neque trieris magna transgredietur eum.

[22] For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king: he will save us.
Dominus enim judex noster, Dominus legifer noster, Dominus rex noster, ipse salvabit nos.

[23] Thy tacklings are loosed, and they shall be of no strength: thy mast shall be in such condition, that thou shalt not be able to spread the flag. Then shall the spoils of much prey be divided: the lame shall take the spoil.
Laxati sunt funiculi tui, et non praevalebunt; sic erit malus tuus ut dilatare signum non queas. Tunc dividentur spolia praedarum multarum; claudi diripient rapinam.

[24] Neither shall he that is near, say: I am feeble. The people that dwell therein, shall have their iniquity taken away from them.
Nec dicet vicinus : Elangui; populus qui habitat in ea, auferetur ab eo iniquitas.

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