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Order is given for discharging strange women: the names of the guilty.

[1] Now when Esdras was thus praying, and beseeching, and weeping, and lying before the temple of God, there was gathered to him of Israel an exceeding great assembly of men and women and children, and the people wept with much lamentation.
Sic ergo orante Esdra, et implorante eo et flente, et jacente ante templum Dei, collectus est ad eum de Israel coetus grandis nimis virorum et mulierum et puerorum, et flevit populus fletu multo.

[2] And Sechenias the son of Jehiel of the sons of Elam answered, and said to Esdras: We have sinned against our God, and have taken strange wives of the people of the land: and now if there be repentance in Israel concerning this,
Et respondit Sechenias filius Jehiel de filiis Aelam, et dixit Esdrae : Nos praevaricati sumus in Deum nostrum, et duximus uxores alienigenas de populis terrae : et nunc, si est poenitentia in Israel super hoc,

[3] Let us make a covenant with the Lord our God, to put away all the wives, and such as are born of them, according to the will of the Lord, and of them that fear the commandment of the Lord our God: let it be done according to the law.
percutiamus foedus cum Domino Deo nostro, ut projiciamus universas uxores, et eos qui de his nati sunt, juxta voluntatem Domini, et eorum qui timent praeceptum Domini Dei nostri : secundum legem fiat.

[4] Arise, it is thy part to give orders, and we will be with thee: take courage, and do it.
Surge, tuum est decernere, nosque erimus tecum : confortare, et fac.

[5] So Esdras arose, and made the chiefs of the priests and of the Levites, and all Israel, to swear that they would do according to this word, and they swore.
Surrexit ergo Esdras, et adjuravit principes sacerdotum et Levitarum, et omnem Israel, ut facerent secundum verbum hoc : et juraverunt.

[6] And Esdras rose up from before the house of God, and went to the chamber of Johanan the son of Eliasib, and entered in thither: he ate no bread, and drank no water: for he mourned for the transgression of them that were come out of the captivity.
Et surrexit Esdras ante domum Dei, et abiit ad cubiculum Johanan filii Eliasib, et ingressus est illuc : panem non comedit, et aquam non bibit : lugebat enim transgressionem eorum, qui venerant de captivitate.

[7] And proclamation was made in Juda and Jerusalem to all the children of the captivity, that they should assemble together into Jerusalem.
Et missa est vos in Juda et in Jerusalem omnibus filiis transmigrationis, ut congregarentur in Jerusalem :

[8] And that whosoever would not come within three days, according to the counsel of the princes and the ancients, all his substance should be taken away, and he should be cast out of the company of them that were returned from captivity.
et omnis qui non venerit in tribus diebus juxta consilium principum et seniorum, auferetur universa substantia ejus, et ipse abjicietur de coetu transmigrationis.

[9] Then all the men of Juda, and Benjamin gathered themselves together to Jerusalem within three days, in the ninth month, the twentieth day of the month: and all the people sat in the street of the house of God, trembling because of the sin, and the rain.
Convenerunt igitur omnes viri Juda et Benjamin in Jerusalem tribus diebus : ipse est mensis nonus, vigesimo die mensis : et sedit omnis populus in platea domus Dei, trementes pro peccato, et pluviis.

[10] And Esdras the priest stood up, and said to them: You have transgressed, and taken strange wives, to add to the sins of Israel.
Et surrexit Esdras sacerdos, et dixit ad eos : Vos transgressi estis, et duxistis uxores alienigenas, ut adderetis super delictum Israel.

[11] And now make confession to the Lord the God of your fathers, and do his pleasure, and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from your strange wives.
Et nunc date confessionem Domino Deo patrum vestrorum, et facite placitum ejus, et separamini a populis terrae, et ab uxoribus alienigenis.

[12] And all the multitude answered and said with a loud voice: According to thy word unto us, so be it done.
Et respondit universa multitudo, dixitque voce magna : Juxta verbum tuum ad nos, sic fiat.

[13] But as the people are many, and it is time of rain, and we are not able to stand without, and it is not a work of one day or two, (for we have exceedingly sinned in this matter,)
Verumtamen quia populus multus est, et tempus pluviae, et non sustinemus stare foris, et opus non est diei unius vel duorum ( vehementer quippe peccavimus in sermone isto),

[14] Let rulers be appointed in all the multitude: and in all our cities, let them that have taken strange wives come at the times appointed, and with them the ancients and the judges of every city, until the wrath of our God be turned away from us for this sin.
constituantur principes in universa multitudine : et omnes in civitatibus nostris qui duxerunt uxores alienigenas veniant in temporibus statutis, et cum his seniores per civitatem et civitatem, et judices ejus, donec avertatur ira Dei nostri a nobis super peccato hoc.

[15] Then Jonathan the son of Azahel, and Jaasia the son of Thecua were appointed over this, and Mesollam and Sebethai, Levites, helped them:
Igitur Jonathan filius Azahel, et Jaasia filius Thecue, steterunt super hoc, et Messollam et Sebethai Levites adjuverunt eos :

[16] And the children of the captivity did so. And Esdras the priest, and the men heads of the families in the houses of their fathers, and all by their names, went and sat down in the first day of the tenth month to examine the matter.
feceruntque sic filii transmigrationis. Et abierunt Esdras sacerdos, et viri principes familiarum, in domos patrum suorum, et omnes per nomina sua, et sederunt in die primo mensis decimi ut quaererent rem.

[17] And they made an end with all the men that had taken strange wives by the first day of the first month.
Et consummati sunt omnes viri, qui duxerant uxores alienigenas, usque ad diem primam mensis primi.

[18] And there were found among the sons of the priests that had taken strange wives: Of the sons of Josue the son of Josedec, and his brethren, Maasia, and Eliezer, and Jarib, and Godolia.
Et inventi sunt de filiis sacerdotum qui duxerant uxores alienigenas. De filiis Josue filii Josedec, et fratres ejus, Maasia, et Eliezer, et Jarib, et Godolia.

[19] And they gave their hands to put away their wives, and to offer for their offence a ram of the flock.
Et dederunt manus suas ut ejicerent uxores suas, et pro delicto suo arietem de ovibus offerrent.

[20] And of the sons of Emmer, Hanani, and Zebedia.
Et de filiis Emmer, Hanani, et Zebedia.

[21] And of the sons of Harim, Maasia, and Elia, and Semeia, and Jehiel, and Ozias.
Et de filiis Harim, Maasia, et Elia, et Semeia, et Jehiel, et Ozias.

[22] And of the sons of Pheshur, Elioenai, Maasia, Ismael, Nathanael, Jozabed, and Elasa.
Et de filiis Pheshur, Elioenai, Maasia, Ismael, Nathanael, Jozabed, et Elasa.

[23] And of the sons of the Levites, Jozabed, and Semei, and Celaia, the same is Calita, Phataia, Juda, and Eliezer.
Et de filiis Levitarum, Jozabed, et Semei, et Celaia, ipse est Calita, Phataia, Juda, et Eliezer.

[24] And of the singing men, Elisiab: and of the porters, Sellum, and Telem, and Uri.
Et de cantoribus, Eliasib. Et de janitoribus, Sellum, et Telem, et Uri.

[25] And of Israel, of the sons of Pharos, Remeia, and Jezia, and Melchia, and Miamin, and Eliezer, and Melchia, and Banea.
Et ex Israel, de filiis Pharos, Remeia, et Jesia, et Melchia, et Miamin, et Eliezer, et Melchia, et Banea.

[26] And of the sons of Elam, Mathania, Zacharias, and Jehiel, and Abdi, and Jerimoth, and Elia.
Et de filiis Aelam, Mathania, Zacharias, et Jehiel, et Abdi, et Jerimoth, et Elia.

[27] And of the sons of Zethua, Elioenai, Eliasib, Mathania, Jerimuth, and Zabad, and Aziaza.
Et de filiis Zethua, Elioenai, Eliasib, Mathania, et Jerimuth, et Zabad, et Aziza.

[28] And of the sons of Babai, Johanan, Hanania, Zabbai, Athalai:
Et de filiis Bebai, Johanan, Hanania, Zabbai, Athalai.

[29] And of the sons of Bani, Mosollam, and Melluch, and Adaia, Jasub, and Seal, and Ramoth.
Et de filiis Bani, Mosollam, et Melluch, et Adaia, Jasub, et Saal, et Ramoth.

[30] And of the sons of Phahath, Moab, Edna, and Chalal, Banaias, and Maasias, Mathanias, Beseleel, Bennui, and Manasse.
Et de filiis Phahath Moab, Edna, et Chalal, Banaias, et Maasias, Mathanias, Beseleel, Bennui, et Manasse.

[31] And of the sons of Herem, Eliezer, Josue, Melchias, Semeias, Simeon,
Et de filiis Herem, Eliezer, Josue, Melchias, Semeias, Simeon,

[32] Benjamin, Maloch, Samarias.
Benjamin, Maloch, Samarias.

[33] And of the sons of Hasom, Mathanai, Mathatha, Zabad, Eliphelet, Jermai, Manasse, Semei.
Et de filiis Hasom, Mathanai, Mathatha, Zabad, Eliphelet, Jermai, Manasse, Semei.

[34] Of the sons of Bani, Maaddi, Amran, and Uel,
De filiis Bani, Maadi, Amram, et Vel,

[35] Baneas, and Badaias, Cheliau,
Baneas, et Badaias, Cheliau,

[36] Vania, Marimuth, and Eliasib,
Vania, Marimuth, et Eliasib,

[37] Mathanias, Mathania, and Jasi,
Mathanias, Mathanai, et Jasi,

[38] And Bani, and Bennui, Semei,
et Bani, et Bennui, Semei,

[39] And Salmias, and Nathan, and Adaias,
et Salmias, et Nathan, et Adaias,

[40] And Mechnedebai, Sisai, Sarai,
et Mechnedebai, Sisai, Sarai,

[41] Ezrel, and Selemiau, Semeria,
Ezrel, et Selemiau, Semeria,

[42] Sellum, Amaria, Joseph.
Sellum, Amaria, Joseph.

[43] Of the sons of Nebo, Jehiel, Mathathias, Zabad, Zabina, Jeddu, and Joel, and Banaia.
De filiis Nebo, Jehiel, Mathathias, Zabad, Zabina, Jeddu, et Joel, et Banaia.

[44] All these had taken strange wives, and there were among them women that had borne children.
Omnes hi acceperant uxores alienigenas, et fuerunt ex eis mulieres, quae pepererant filios.

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