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Esdras goeth up to Jerusalem to teach, and assist the people, with a gracious decree of Artaxerxes.

[1] Now after these things in the reign of Artaxerxes king of the Persians, Esdras the son of Saraias, the son of Azarias, the son of Helcias,
Post haec autem verba in regno Artaxerxis regis Persarum, Esdras filius Saraiae, filii Azariae, filii Helciae,

[2] The son of Sellum, the son of Sadoc, the son of Achitob,
filii Sellum, filii Sadoc, filii Achitob,

[3] The son of Amarias, the son of Azarias, the son of Maraioth,
filii Amariae, filii Azariae, filii Maraioth,

[4] The son of Zarahias, the son of Ozi, the son of Bocci,
filii Zarahiae, filii Ozi, filii Bocci,

[5] The son of Abisue, the son of Phinees, the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest from the beginning.
filii Abisue, filii Phinees, filii Eleazar, filii Aaron sacerdotis ab initio.

[6] This Esdras went up from Babylon, and he was a ready scribe in the law of Moses, which the Lord God had given to Israel: and the king granted him all his request, according to the hand of the Lord his God upon him.
Ipse Esdras ascendit de Babylone, et ipse scriba velox in lege Moysi, quam Dominus Deus dedit Israel : et dedit ei rex secundum manum Domini Dei ejus super eum, omnem petitionem ejus.

[7] And there went up some of the children of Israel, and of the children of the priests, and of the children of the Levites, and of the singing men, and of the porters, and of the Nathinites to Jerusalem in the seventh year of Artaxerxes the king.
Et ascenderunt de filiis Israel, et de filiis sacerdotum, et de filiis Levitarum, et de cantoribus, et de janitoribus, et de Nathinaeis, in Jerusalem, anno septimo Artaxerxis regis.

[8] And they came to Jerusalem in the fifth month, in the seventh year of the king.
Et venerunt in Jerusalem mense quinto, ipse est annus septimus regis.

[9] For upon the first day of the first month he began to go up from Babylon, and on the first day of the fifth month he came to Jerusalem according to the good hand of his God upon him.
Quia in primo die mensis primi coepit ascendere de Babylone, et in primo die mensis quinti venit in Jerusalem, juxta manum Dei sui bonam super se.

[10] For Esdras had prepared his heart to seek the law of the Lord, and to do and to teach in Israel the commandments and judgment.
Esdras enim paravit cor suum, ut investigaret legem Domini, et faceret et doceret in Israel praeceptum et judicium.

[11] And this is the copy of the letter of the edict, which king Artaxerxes gave to Esdras the priest, the scribe instructed in the words and commandments of the Lord, and his ceremonies in Israel.
Hoc est autem exemplar epistolae edicti, quod dedit rex Artaxerxes Esdrae sacerdoti, scribae erudito in sermonibus et praeceptis Domini, et caeremoniis ejus in Israel.

[12] Artaxerxes king of kings to Esdras the priest, the most learned scribe of the law of the God of heaven, greeting.
Artaxerxes rex regum Esdrae sacerdoti scribae legis Dei caeli doctissimo, salutem.

[13] It is decreed by me, that all they of the people of Israel, and of the priests and of the Levites in my realm, that are minded to go into Jerusalem, should go with thee.
A me decretum est, ut cuicumque placuerit in regno meo de populo Israel, et de sacerdotibus ejus, et de Levitis, ire in Jerusalem, tecum vadat.

[14] For thou art sent from before the king, and his seven counsellors, to visit Judea and Jerusalem according to the law of thy God, which is in thy hand.
A facie enim regis, et septem consiliatorum ejus, missus es, ut visites Judaeam et Jerusalem in lege Dei tui, quae est in manu tua :

[15] And to carry the silver and gold, which the king and his counsellors have freely offered to the God of Israel, whose tabernacle is in Jerusalem.
et ut feras argentum et aurum quod rex, et consiliatores ejus, sponte obtulerunt Deo Israel, cujus in Jerusalem tabernaculum est.

[16] And all the silver and gold that thou shalt find in all the province of Babylon, and that the people is willing to offer, and that the priests shall offer of their own accord to the house of their God, which is in Jerusalem,
Et omne argentum et aurum quodcumque inveneris in universa provincia Babylonis, et populus offerre voluerit, et de sacerdotibus quae sponte obtulerint domui Dei sui, quae est in Jerusalem,

[17] Take freely, and buy diligently with this money, calves, rams, lambs, with the sacrifices and libations of them, and offer them upon the altar of the temple of your God, that is in Jerusalem.
libere accipe, et studiose eme de hac pecunia vitulos, arietes, agnos, et sacrificia, et libamina eorum, et offer ea super altare templi Dei vestri, quod est in Jerusalem.

[18] And if it seem good to thee, and to thy brethren to do any thing with the rest of the silver and gold, do it according to the will of your God.
Sed et si quid tibi et fratribus tuis placuerit de reliquo argento et auro ut faciatis, juxta voluntatem Dei vestri facite.

[19] The vessels also, that are given thee for the sacrifice of the house of thy God, deliver thou in the sight of God in Jerusalem.
Vasa quoque, quae dantur tibi in ministerium domus Dei tui, trade in conspectu Dei in Jerusalem.

[20] And whatsoever more there shall be need of for the house of thy God, how much soever thou shalt have occasion to spend, it shall be given out of the treasury, and the king's exchequer, and by me.
Sed et cetera, quibus opus fuerit in domum Dei tui, quantumcumque necesse est ut expendas, dabitur de thesauro, et de fisco regis,

[21] I Artaxerxes the king have ordered and decreed to all the keepers of the public chest, that are beyond the river, that whatsoever Esdras the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, shall require of you, you give it without delay,
et a me. Ego Artaxerxes rex, statui atque decrevi omnibus custodibus arcae publicae, qui sunt trans flumen, ut quodcumque petierit a vobis Esdras sacerdos, scriba legis Dei caeli, absque mora detis,

[22] Unto a hundred talents of silver, and unto a hundred cores of wheat, and unto a hundred bates of wine, and unto a hundred bates of oil, and salt without measure.
usque ad argenti talenta centum, et usque ad frumenti coros centum, et usque ad vini batos centum, et usque ad batos olei centum, sal vero absque mensura.

[23] All that belongeth to the rites of the God of heaven, let it be given diligently in the house of the God of heaven: lest his wrath should be enkindled against the realm of the king, and of his sons.
Omne quod ad ritum Dei caeli pertinet, tribuatur diligenter in domo Dei caeli : ne forte irascatur contra regnum regis, et filiorum ejus.

[24] We give you also to understand concerning all the priests, and the Levites, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nathinites, and ministers of the house of this God, that you have no authority to impose toll or tribute, or custom upon them.
Vobis quoque notum facimus de universis sacerdotibus, et Levitis, et cantoribus, et janitoribus, Nathinaeis, et ministris domus Dei hujus, ut vectigal, et tributum, et annonas non habeatis potestatem imponendi super eos.

[25] And thou Esdras according to the wisdom of thy God, which is in thy hand, appoint judges and magistrates, that may judge all the people, that is beyond the river, that is, for them who know the law of thy God, yea and the ignorant teach ye freely.
Tu autem Esdra, secundum sapientiam Dei tui, quae est in manu tua, constitue judices et praesides ut judicent omni populo, qui est trans flumen, his videlicet qui noverunt legem Dei tui, sed et imperitos docete libere.

[26] And whosoever will not do the law of thy God, and the law of the king diligently, judgment shall be executed upon him, either unto death, or unto banishment, or to the confiscation of goods, or at least to prison.
Et omnis qui non fecerit legem Dei tui, et legem regis, diligenter, judicium erit de eo sive in mortem, sive in exilium, sive in condemnationem substantiae ejus, vel certe in carcerem.

[27] Blessed be the Lord the God of our fathers, who hath put this in the king's heart, to glorify the house of the Lord, which is in Jerusalem,
Benedictus Dominus Deus patrum nostrorum, qui dedit hoc in corde regis ut glorificaret domum Domini quae est in Jerusalem,

[28] And hath inclined his mercy toward me before the king and his counsellors, and all the mighty princes of the king: and I being strengthened by the hand of the Lord my God, which was upon me, gathered together out of Israel chief men to go up with me.
et in me inclinavit misericordiam suam coram rege et consiliatoribus ejus, et universis principibus regis potentibus : et ego confortatus manu Domini Dei mei, quae erat in me, congregavi de Israel principes qui ascenderent mecum.

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