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The victory over Og king of Basan. Ruben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasses receive their possession on the other side of Jordan.

[1] Then we turned and went by the way of Basan: and Og the king of Basan came out to meet us with his people to fight in Edrai.
Itaque conversi ascendimus per iter Basan : egressusque est Og rex Basan in occursum nobis cum populo suo ad bellandum in Edrai.

[2] And the Lord said to me: Fear him not: because he is delivered into thy hand, with all his people and his land: and thou shalt do to him as thou hast done to Sehon king of the Amorrhites, that dwelt in Hesebon.
Dixitque Dominus ad me : Ne timeas eum : quia in manu tua traditus est cum omni populo ac terra sua : faciesque ei sicut fecisti Sehon regi Amorrhaeorum, qui habitavit in Hesebon.

[3] So the Lord our God delivered into our hands, Og also the king of Basan, and all his people: and we utterly destroyed them,
Tradidit ergo Dominus Deus noster in manibus nostris etiam Og regem Basan, et universum populum ejus : percussimusque eos usque ad internecionem,

[4] Wasting all his cities at one time, there was not a town that escaped us: sixty cities, all the country of Argob the kingdom of Og in Basan.
vastantes cunctas civitates illius uno tempore. Non fuit oppidum, quod nos effugeret : sexaginta urbes, omnem regionem Argob regni Og in Basan.

[5] All the cities were fenced with very high walls, and with gates and bars, besides innumerable towns that had no walls.
Cunctae urbes erant munitae muris altissimis, portisque et vectibus, absque oppidis innumeris, quae non habebant muros.

[6] And we utterly destroyed them, as we had done to Sehon the king of Hesebon, destroying every city, men and women and children:
Et delevimus eos, sicut feceramus Sehon regi Hesebon, disperdentes omnem civitatem, virosque ac mulieres et parvulos :

[7] But the cattle and the spoils of the cities we took for our prey.
jumenta autem et spolia urbium diripuimus.

[8] And we took at that time the land out of the hand of the two kings of the Amorrhites, that were beyond the Jordan: from the torrent Amen unto the mount Hermon,
Tulimusque illo in tempore terram de manu duorum regum Amorrhaeorum, qui erant trans Jordanem : a torrente Arnon usque ad montem Hernon,

[9] Which the Sidonians call Sarion, and the Amorrhites Sanir:
quem Sidonii Sarion vocant, et Amorrhaei Sanir :

[10] All the cities that are situate in the plain, and all the land of Galaad and Basan as far as Selcha and Edrai, cities of the kingdom of Og in Basan.
omnes civitates, quae sitae sunt in planitie, et universam terram Galaad et Basan usque ad Selcha, et Edrai civitates regni Og in Basan.

[11] For only Og king of Basan remained of the race of the giants. His bed of iron is shewn, which is in Rabbath of the children of Ammon, being nine cubits long, and four broad after the measure of the cubit of a man's hand.
Solus quippe Og rex Basan restiterat de stirpe gigantum. Monstratur lectus ejus ferreus, qui est in Rabbath filiorum Ammon, novem cubitos habens longitudinis, et quatuor latitudinis ad mensuram cubiti virilis manus.

[12] And we possessed the land at that time from Aroer, which is upon the bank of the torrent Amen, unto the half of mount Galaad: and I gave the cities thereof to Ruben and Gad.
Terramque possedimus tempore illo ab Aroer, quae est super ripam torrentis Arnon, usque ad mediam partem montis Galaad : et civitates illius dedi Ruben et Gad.

[13] And I delivered the other part of Galaad, and all Basan the kingdom of Og to the half tribe of Manasses, all the country of Argob: and all Basan is called the Land of giants.
Reliquam autem partem Galaad, et omnem Basan regni Og, tradidi mediae tribui Manasse, omnem regionem Argob : cunctaque Basan vocatur Terra gigantum.

[14] Jair the son of Manasses possessed all the country of Argob unto the borders of Gessuri, and Machati. And he called Basan by his own name, Havoth Jair, that is to say, the towns of Jair, until this present day.
Jair filius Manasse possedit omnem regionem Argob usque ad terminos Gessuri et Machati. Vocavitque ex nomine suo Basan, Havoth Jair, id est, Villas Jair, usque in praesentem diem.

[15] To Machir also I gave Galaad.
Machir quoque dedi Galaad.

[16] And to the tribes of Ruben and Gad I gave of the land of Galaad as far as the torrent Amen, half the torrent, and the confines even unto the torrent Jeboc, which is the border of the children of Ammon:
Et tribubus Ruben et Gad dedi de terra Galaad usque ad torrentem Arnon medium torrentis, et confinium usque ad torrentem Jeboc, qui est terminus filiorum Ammon :

[17] And the plain of the wilderness, and the Jordan, and the borders of Cenereth unto the sea of the desert, which is the most salt sea, to the foot of mount Phasga eastward.
et planitiem solitudinis, atque Jordanem, et terminos Cenereth usque ad mare deserti, quod est salsissimum, ad radices montis Phasga contra orientem.

[18] And I commanded you at that time, saying: The Lord your God giveth you this land for an inheritance, go ye well appointed before your brethren the children of Israel, all the strong men of you,
Praecepique vobis in tempore illo, dicens : Dominus Deus vester dat vobis terram hanc in haereditatem : expediti praecedite fratres vestros filios Israel omnes viri robusti,

[19] Leaving your wives and children and cattle. For I know you have much cattle, and they must remain in the cities, which I have delivered to you.
absque uxoribus, et parvulis, atque jumentis. Novi enim quod plura habeatis pecora, et in urbibus remanere debebunt, quas tradidi vobis,

[20] Until the Lord give rest to your brethren, as he hath given to you: and they also possess the land, which he will give them beyond the Jordan: then shall every man return to his possession, which I have given you.
donec requiem tribuat Dominus fratribus vestris, sicut vobis tribuit : et possideant ipsi etiam terram, quam daturus est eis trans Jordanem : tunc revertetur unusquisque in possessionem suam, quam dedi vobis.

[21] I commanded Josue also at that time, saying: Thy eyes have seen what the Lord your God hath done to these two kings: so will he do to all the kingdoms to which thou shalt pass.
Josue quoque in tempore illo praecepi, dicens : Oculi tui viderunt quae fecit Dominus Deus vester duobus his regibus : sic faciet omnibus regnis, ad quae transiturus es.

[22] Fear them not: for the Lord your God will fight for you.
Ne timeas eos : Dominus enim Deus vester pugnabit pro vobis.

[23] And I besought the Lord at that time, saying:
Precatusque sum Dominum in tempore illo, dicens :

[24] Lord God, thou hast begun to shew unto thy servant thy greatness, and most mighty hand, for there is no other God either in heaven or earth, that is able to do thy works, or to be compared to thy strength.
Domine Deus, tu coepisti ostendere servo tuo magnitudinem tuam, manumque fortissimam : neque enim est alius deus vel in caelo, vel in terra, qui possit facere opera tua, et comparari fortitudini tuae.

[25] I will pass over therefore, and will see this excellent land beyond the Jordan, and this goodly mountain, and Libanus.
Transibo igitur, et videbo terram hanc optimam trans Jordanem, et montem istum egregium, et Libanum.

[26] And the Lord was angry with me on your account and heard me not, but said to me: It is enough: speak no more to me of this matter.
Iratusque est Dominus mihi propter vos, nec exaudivit me, sed dixit mihi : Sufficit tibi : nequaquam ultra loquaris de hac re ad me.

[27] Go up to the top of Phasga, and cast thy eyes round about to the west, and to the north, and to the south, and to the east, and behold it, for thou shalt not pass this Jordan.
Ascende cacumen Phasgae, et oculos tuos circumfer ad occidentem, et ad aquilonem, austrumque et orientem, et aspice; nec enim transibis Jordanem istum.

[28] Command Josue, and encourage and strengthen him: for he shall go before this people, and shall divide unto them the land which thou shalt see.
Praecipe Josue, et corrobora eum atque conforta : quia ipse praecedet populum istum, et dividet eis terram quam visurus es.

[29] And we abode in the valley over against the temple of Phogor.
Mansimusque in valle contra fanum Phogor.

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