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1,500 visitors per day.
5,000-9,000 page-views per day.


Ad type Width Height Cost/mo
Rectangle #0 250 60 $50
Rectangle #1 250 90 $75
Rectangle #2 250 120 $100
Rectangle #3 250 150 $125
Rectangle #4 250 180 $150


I reserve the right to reject ads that do not meet the criteria for suitability on a traditional Catholic web site. If you are unsure about your ad, send it to me and I will comment on it. I prefer to run ads that are not animated GIF's, not flashing and not rotating with every page refresh. I prefer to have the ads rotate (change) only once a day, changing to a different ad at midnight every night. This will only impact the performance of the website when visitors view it for the first time during the day. If you have an ad size different from the sizes listed, contact me to see if I can find a place for it.